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DIY: Key Holder

By Mollee Shannon

We’ve all experienced the adventure of upturning pillows, and overturning furniture in a desperate search for our keys!

Usually, you find them someone completely sensible (imagine that!), like in your purse, your pocket, or on the counter where you set down the groceries!

It’s easy to keep up with your keys when you have a designated key holder, but who wants one of those generic old things anyone can pick up for the store? No, you want something more personal, and a DIY key holder to hang next to your door will help you find your keys and keep your sanity! 


Photo Frame Key Holder 

What You’ll Need: Wooden photo frame, decorative paint or washi tape, threaded metal hooks, a photo of your choice, ruler, pencil or chalk 

A key holder made from a photo frame is a sentimental and fun way to keep track of your keys! To begin, decorate the photo frame with your art supplies. Painting the photo frame can be fun, but feel free to get creative. There’s a whole world of craft supplies just awaiting your ingenuity! Wrap the frame with different patterns of washi tape, cover the frame in fabric, or even wrap it in ribbon. You can also get creative by adding small objects, such as skeleton keys, floral pieces, or even cute little woodland creatures you can find in the floral section at the craft store. 

Once you’ve decorated your frame to your delight, it’s time to get out the ruler and measure! Evenly space and mark where you’d like your hooks to go with your pencil or chalk. If you’re having difficulty getting your screws into the bottom of the photo frame, consider using a screwdriver to pierce a small hole. This will help as you insert your hooks and screw them in. 

Finally, insert your chosen family photo and hang your new key holder on the wall! Now, you’ve got a simple and meaningful place to store your keys, and you’ll enjoy the smiles of your loved ones as you come and go! Don’t forget! You can even change the photo from season to season to update the look, and keep your view fresh! 

Chalkboard Key Holder 

What You’ll Need: Wooden block in the shape of your choice, chalkboard paint, paintbrush threaded metal hooks, ruler, colorful chalk

A chalkboard key holder is another fun way to brighten up your doorway and store your keys. This key holder is versatile, and you can customize it over and over again! Getting started is easy! You’ll simply paint one coat of the chalkboard paint on your wooden block. You’ll probably need at least two coats, so be patient! Wait for the first coat to dry, and then apply the second! Once your two coats of paint have completely dried, it’s time to open up that elbow grease! 

Use your ruler and chalk to evenly mark where the hooks will go in on the bottom of the wooden block. Again, it might be useful to take a screwdriver to the wood first, to start the holes where the hooks will eventually go. Screw in the hooks one by one. Now, you get to decorate the chalkboard! Whip out your chalk and go to town! Draw a fun design, or even write out a favorite quote that you can change weekly or monthly! Whatever you decide, the key is to have fun!  

Whichever project you choose, you’ll brighten your doorway with some whimsy, and most importantly, you’ll always remember where you left your keys!

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