DIY: Water-less Snow Globes
DIY: Water-less Snow Globes
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DIY: Water-less Snow Globes

By Elaine Elliott

The holidays might be over but there are still plenty of winter decorations to place around the house including snow globes! Handmade snow globes are an easy and fun activity for the whole family.

The craft might sound complicated, but by eliminating water, you can easily make a fun snow globe in less than 30 minutes.
 Before you get started on your creation, add some extra flair to your globe with the following tips.


Place Family Photos Inside

By removing water from your snow globe, you can add all sorts of family pictures! Cut out the background of a photo to make it look like your family is standing inside the globe next to the trees and snow, or cut out a funny photo that makes it look like someone is trapped inside the snow globe. You can also find a portrait photo and make a mini snow globe as a keepsake to hang on the tree, fridge, or backpack. Don’t forget to digitize your old photos with Legacybox!


Find Fun Objects

Trees and snowmen are the standard filler for snow globes, but there are plenty of other ideas too! You could find pinecones from your backyard, mini reindeer, toy cars, characters from nativity or Christmas village scenes, seashells if you live on the coast, and more.


Get creative by making a variety of snow globes both big and small. Below we’ve listed four different designs.


Mason Jar Snow Globes

Do you have a copious amount of mason jars piling up in your kitchen? Use them toward this fun snow day craft! Mason jars come in all shapes and sizes so the options are endless. Since the lids to mason jars are already waterproof, you won’t have to use extra glue on the base either.

  1. Hot glue gun your objects to the lid of the mason jar.
  2. You might have to “raise” some of the objects with bases so they are more visible.
  3. Add glitter to the jar.
  4. Invert the lid and seal shut.


Full Instructions


Light Bulb Ornament Snow Globes

You know those old fashioned Christmas bulbs your family used to hang everywhere? Use them for something other than lighting the tree! Add a bottle brush tree or miniature caricature inside the bulb and fashion the globe from a windowsill or light fixture.

  1. Hot glue your object to the tip of the light bulb so when it hangs, it sits upright inside the bulb.
  2. Add glitter. 
  3. Seal the lid with a little extra glue and wrap off your creation with a cute bow or string.


Full Instructions


Snow Globe Necklace

Keep your snow globe close to your heart wherever you go! This necklace is too cute for words. Gift it to a loved one, wear it with a tacky Christmas sweater, or as an accessory to “winterize” any outfit. Use a small glass bottle pendant with a cork.

  1. Place a small bottle brush tree, portrait photo or other keepsake inside the bottle, no glue necessary.
  2. Add a touch of glitter.
  3. Attach a necklace chain to a jump ring, and insert the jump ring into the top of the cork.


Full Instructions


Snow Globe Soap Pump

Did you know mason jars also come with optional soap pump lids? This will pump your winter bathroom decorations up a notch!

  1. Add objects to the bottom of the jar. Remember, the neck of the pump has to fit so you might have to move your objects to the side of the jar.
  2. Fill the jar with clear hand or dish soap
  3. Seal the soap pump lid shut and start lathering up!


Full Instructions

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