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Celebrating the New Year

By Shelby Burr

Woo hoo and Happy New Year!! 


As we head into 2020, it’s time to prepare for the best New Years celebration ever. Ring in the new decade with some fun! Here’s some must haves to have at your New Years Eve.

Whether you’re at home with your loved one, or out with your friends at a party, this will get the life and laughter going!

Great Food

Every party needs some great refreshments! This New Year, why not kick it off with some yummy snacks! For those with multiple people at their party, keep it light with some easy snack foods: pigs in a blanket, hummus plate with veggies, a pizza or two and some chips! And for those that are looking for a more intimate dinner for two or for a few people, why not grill some steaks and a few crab legs? Treat yourself to some yummy foods. Either way, you’ll be ready to go to bed before midnight with a full stomach like that!

Best Playlist

Pump up the jam! Every shindig needs some tunes. There are some great playlist ideas on spotify and on youtube to help get the mood going. From party mixes to relaxed New Years folk music...start the New Year off with a fun genre that will take everyone by surprise!

Confetti Poppers

Listen. When the clock strikes midnight, it is not time for smooching. It’s time for confetti poppers! Yes, smooching can come later, but make it a celebration first! With little confetti poppers, plastic whistles, fun party hats and baby blow horns, the start of your New Year will be loud and proud!

Polaroid Camera

Listen, 2020 is about making memories! Have a fun table with sharpies, extra film and a polaroid camera ready for your guests to enjoy. Have them take a photo, write a caption, date, time or name and enjoy the memory! You’ll be able to cherish those sweet photos forever.

Photo Wall

Well, duh! With a camera, you’ll need a photo wall! Right next to your table, place some twine across your walls with little clothes pins. Have your friends / family hang their photos. This makes for a great photo backdrop as well.

Games Galore

So, you have the food, you have the music...now what? Games! Fill your coffee table or dinner table full of board games, card games and goofy games alike!

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