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Fireworks in a Jar
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Fireworks in a Jar

By Elaine Elliott

We’re in the midst of the dog days of summer, which means the kids at home can get pretty stir crazy sometimes.

If you’re in need of a fun hands-on activity to keep little ones amused, then this is the perfect craft!
 Best of all, it’s right in time for the Fourth of July. Once you’re finished with this fun experiment, the fireworks in a jar can be table décor during the Fourth festivities. But keep in mind this décor won’t last long since the colors in the jar will eventually mix.


Unlike real fireworks, no loud noises or flammable materials are required. In fact, you probably already have these ingredients at home. Making fireworks in a jar is also an opportunity to teach children what happens when oil and water mix.


What you’ll need:

-   Food coloring (red and blue for a Fourth of July theme)

-   Clear oil (vegetable oil and baby oil work)

-   Large jar

-   Glitter or confetti (optional)



-   Fill the jar about 3/4 of the way with warm water.

-   In a separate bowl, add about 4 tablespoons of oil.

-   Add several drops of food coloring into the bowl with the oil. Kids will notice that the oil and food coloring do not mix because food coloring is water-based.

-   Stir the food coloring and oil together with a fork if you want to make the food coloring droplets smaller (this will make more “fireworks”).

-   Pour the oil mixture into the mason jar and watch the magic happen.  We recommend not shaking or stirring the oil and water mixture to get the full “fireworks” effects.

-   Slowly but surely, the colors will start to blend in with the water but still remain separate from the oil on top.


Fireworks in a jar is a fun and easy takeaway for kids to understand how oil and water have different densities. They can also learn how colors mix as the food coloring starts to slowly blend after a few minutes.


If you want this craft to last longer as a Fourth of July table décor, then fill a sealable mason jar completely with baby oil and add in some food coloring and glitter. This way the colors will remain completely separate from the oil and continue to float around in the jar.


Don’t forget to take advantage of this photo opportunity! The mesmerizing fireworks will look great on camera.

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