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Fun Facts about Polaroids
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Fun Facts about Polaroids

By Shelby Burr

We all love a good comeback story, especially when it’s about a great trend of the past. One of the best comebacks of photography’s time is the sweet and loveable Polaroid camera.

The Polaroid has captured the hearts of the world  since it first came to the market in 1948.

Since then, the polaroid camera has made its way back where now all the cool, hip kids are using this instant camera all over again! You can take this camera anywhere and then instantly share your polaroid image with those around you. As if we didn’t already think the Polaroid is the coolest thing since sliced bread . . . here are some more cool fun facts about the Polaroid.


  • In 1948, the polaroid was released in a department store in Boston . . . it sold out in just a few minutes!
  • The Polaroid company got its start in 1937 by selling polarized sunglasses! 
  • Kodak was one of Polaroid’s early customers for polarizing filters.
  • The polaroid was invented by Edwin Land, but he was inspired by his three year old daughter, Jennifer. He took a photo of his daughter on vacation and she asked him why she could not see the picture he had just taken of her.
  • It was originally called “The LAnd Camera” and was sold at the big price of $89!
  • Polaroid designed and produced loads of products for the U.S. armed services during WWII. This included a night vision device and coloured filters for rangefinders on periscopes!
  • The launch of Polaroid was such a hit because a man named Jordan March gave a department demonstration at the launch and people were in awe! That’s why it sold out in minutes!
  • Did you know Polaroids run on a small battery that came with the disposable cartridge that held the film-sheets? It had just enough juice to power the camera so that it could take the same number of shots as the film-sheets included. 
  • Do not shake the polaroid. We know the song is catchy, but you can actually ruin the image if you shake the polaroid to dry! 

We hope you found some new information about the polaroid camera that you didn’t know before! The Polaroid is still so loved because it captures beautiful moments in time and let’s you relive it again and again in an instant! 

Your memories are important and although the Polaroid is a fantastic form of photography, you still have to take care of your memories so that they can last forever. Your polaroid images are priceless and special - so be sure you take care of your images well! You can have your images digitized through Legacybox! It’s easy, quick, safe and so affordable! You’ll have your favorite memories on your polaroids, plus cd, digital download and thumb drive! Be sure to check it out!

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