Halloween Costumes: The Best for 2018

Halloween Costumes: The Best for 2018

Who's ready for Halloween?! If you're like most people, you might be looking for THE BEST Halloween costumes - couples or singles! Lucky for you, we have an awesome list of costumes that will be a major hit this year.


  • Red Riding Hood and Werewolf
    • Red jacket or sweater, plus a basket of your favorite snack. Werewolf has flannel, jeans and some makeup. Done!
  • Squints and Wendy Peppercorn from The Sandlot
    • Some glasses, a little red lipstick. Boom.
  • Dentist and Tooth Fairy
    • All you need is a tutu, some pixie dust and a dentist jacket!
  • Cruella De Vil
    • Black and white outfit plus some wash off hair color spray! One side black hair, the other white hair. All you need is to perfect your cackling laugh.
  • Skeleton aka Lazy Bones
    • Want to be some lazy bones? Black sweatpants, black hoodie. Skelton face makeup. Done. 
  • Scarecrow
    • Hay! Have any hay?  A flannel, overalls and some boots. Don't for get your scarecrow makeup! Put a little pink on your nose and a stitch smile with black eye liner!
  • Facebook
    • Wanting to be a little punny? Draw a book on some cardboard, insert a hole for your face and attach a head band. Face - book.
  • Ceiling Fan
    • Yup, just as punny. Purchase a plain t-shirt. Write "CEILING" across the top and where a number 1 foam finger. You're a ceiling fan!
  • You and your best friend go as each other.
    • That's right! Swap each other's clothes, shoes, style and go as each other. Pretty fun and a great conversation starter.
  • Hunter and Deer
    • Some one where camo or a flannel. The other wear a brown sweater and deer makeup. You can make antlers out of a head band and some brown pipe cleaners!
  •  Vampire
    • Wear black, red or anything dark. False teeth are a must and walk around sipping out of a clear glass with red liquid (fruit punch).


This year, have fun! Create memories that will last a life time. Munch on your favorite candy, snack on your favorite snacks and enjoy this spooky festival.  

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