The Most Favorite Candies of the 80's
The Most Favorite Candies of the 80's
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The Most Favorite Candies of the 80's

By Shelby Burr

Before the sugar rushes ensue, the empty piles of wrappers collect in every room and the belly aches from deliciousness begin, let’s take a second to appreciate this spectacular invention: Candy.

No matter the age, candy is the beautiful language that will speak to any sugar tooth. Each year, there seems to be a new innovative candy product that will rock your socks off, but let's go back to admire some of the best and most popular candies of the 1980's:

1. Runts

This candy resembled all of your favorite fruits AND tasted fantastic. Created by Nestlé, this candy was first introduced in 1982. Much like sweet tarts, this candy was widely popular during halloween and was a hot item to trade your trick or treating candy for. It wasn't until the 1990's that watermelon and blue raspberry were introduced to the mix. Mmm, Runts. 

2. Big League Chew

This bubble gum brought out the inner Sandlot in almost every kid. While watching your favorite baseball team, might as well pull out your Big League Chew bubble gum and feel like part of the group. The gum came in a special package because, instead of being held in a wrapper, the gum was shredded! 

3. Candy Cigarettes

Alright, this candy goes out to all of those greaser's back in the day. If you wanted to be the coolest kid on the block, you would whip out your very own box of candy cigarettes. This was introduced in the early 20th century and is made out of a chalky sugar, bubble gum or chocolate, wrapped up in paper that resembled cigarettes. The best part was when your candy cigarettes had that light dusting of powdered sugar, so it produced a smoke. Yep. This not only made every 11 year old feel bad to the bone, but it scared almost every adult that would pass by. 

4. Nerds

This American candy gave a whole new meaning to the term "nerd." Also created by Nestlé, the unusual shape and sweetness to this tiny candy made it very popular. Nerds was first introduced in 1983, but became "Candy of the Year" by National Candy Wholesalers Association in 1985. This sugary little box packed a punch with every bite!

5. Skittles

Okay...imagine a world without skittles. Yeah, weird right? Now, imagine being there when Skittles, a whole new candy, first came out. Yeah, it would blow my mind too. Skittles were first introduced in 1974 by a British company, but it wasn't until 1979 when Skittles were first introduced in North America. Since it's beginning, Skittles has sailed over the rainbow with popularity (ha, get it?). Feel the rainbow, taste the rainbow. 

6. Twix

This delicious chocolate bar by Mars, Inc., has won the hearts of many throughout the years. A biscuit, some caramel and covered in chocolate...who could resist? This wonderful candy bar was first created in the United Kingdom in 1967 and was later introduced to the United States in 1979.

Fun Fact: did you know that Twix was actually called Raider in Europe before it's name change in 1991? The Name "Twix" is a portmanteau of twin biscuits, or 'twin bix'.

7. Reece's Pieces

This candy is a classic because of it's relation to such a classic film: T.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. This miniature size of a reece's peanut buttercup is similar to an M&M, except it's all peanut butter! first introduced in 1977, it became very popular in 1982 with the release of E.T. Can I get an E.T. phone home?

8. Baby Ruth

Anyone remember The Goonies? Oh, you know, just an awesome 1980's movie about a group of kids hunting for treasure, fighting off bad guys and running from booby traps. Baby Ruth candy bars goes out to all of those Goonies at heart. 

9. Pop Rocks

This candy defied it all by having the candy pop and crack while dissolving away into sugary deliciousness. This carbonated candy was all the buzz in 1975 and has had it's upgrades every since. Other candies have been created with this marvelous carbonated idea, such as "Marvellous Creates Jelly Popping Candy Beanies" ! Yep, that's a mouth full, but a mouthful of yummy pop rocks.

10. Razzles

Looking for a candy that will blow you away? How about Razzles? This razzling, dazzling candy transforms into chewing gum once the sugar coating has melted away.


"First it's a candy, then it's a gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun."


With a slogan like that, who could resist? Originally introduced in 1966, this wonderful candy acquired the Razzles brand in 1986. Put a little razzle in your step with Razzles.


Treat your sweet tooth to some of your favorite candies that have made memories through the years, as well as reminisce on the wonderful candies of the 1980's. 

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