The Top 10 Celebrity Crushes You Definitely Had In The 1980’s
The Top 10 Celebrity Crushes You Definitely Had In The 1980’s
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The Top 10 Celebrity Crushes You Definitely Had In The 1980’s

By Christian Roemer
Something that’s common in every time period is that there are beautiful people there. Cleopatra was supposed to be quite the charmer, and when the Trojans snagged Helen, they fought an entire war over her. There weren’t any cameras or film around back then, but we can assume that she was a looker too. This rule doesn’t just apply to women. One guy was so pretty, he couldn’t stop looking at himself, so we created a word about being egotistical from his name. Even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone can find common ground on some exceptionally aesthetically pleasing faces, and that’s where the celebrity crush comes from. Even though the style rules were a little different back then, these 10 celebrities were the pinnacle of human attractiveness in the 80's. Here are the top crushes everyone had in the 80's:


Some people are ageless, and Tom Cruise is proof. He came bursting onto the scene in the early 80s, but he rose to complete stardom with his role as Maverick in Top Gun. Boys wanted to be him, and girls wanted to be with him. Tom was definitely up there on your crushes...


A universal sex symbol in the 80s, Madonna pushed buttons and boundaries. To this day, she’s looked upon as the original diva. Every female singer since can point to Madonna’s influence on their music, looks, and attitude.


People still say, “Well, she’s no Cindy Crawford, but…” to describe how some ladies look. When you’re used as the paragon of female attractiveness, you know you did something right.


Eddie Murphy was a rare talent; funny, driven, energetic, and good looking, his comedy special, Raw, is still regarded as one of the greatest of all time. Plus, who else could have pulled off those leather pants?


Before Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp played in a little show called 21 Jump Street. He stole hearts and rose to stardom through great roles like Crybaby and Edward Scissorhands shortly afterwards.


In 1985, a movie came out that changed nerd culture for forever. That movie is called Weird Science, and it’s about two kids who aim to make the perfect woman. Kelly Lebrock played that woman, and there’s a reason she was cast for the part. Who wouldn't have her on your top crushes list?


Go back and watch the music video for Straight Up. Paula’s ripped jeans, high heels, and slick dance moves stuck in the heart of boys all over the country. Everyone wanted to tell her straight up that we’d love her for forever.


Have you ever seen more perfectly feathered hair than Jon rocked in the music video for Livin’ on a Prayer? No. And I haven’t either. Girls everywhere swooned over this hairy chested madman.


What Madonna did for women’s sexuality, Prince did to men’s. Taking androgyny mainstream, it was said that Price could make girls faint just by looking at them. The purple king lives on in our hearts for forever.


Ringwald was the apex of teen celebrity in the mid 1980s. Her roles in Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink are as iconic today as they were 30 years ago. Who can’t fall in love with this cute redhead? Well, there you have it. Those are the girls and boys that we couldn’t help but swoon over in the 80s.
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