Did you, like, totally say these 80's phrases?
Did you, like, totally say these 80's phrases?
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Did you, like, totally say these 80's phrases?

By Shelby Burr

Decade after decade, new styles, fashions and phrases are invented. They are heavily used and then, eventually, they fade away into oblivion. Some great trends have redemption and find their way back into the present (high top sneakers, anyone?), while others continually stay in the past, like parachute pants...and that’s totally fine. One decade, however, always seems to make it’s way back: The 80's. If you grew up in the 80's, you were probably drenched in neon at some point in time, had scrunchies on your wrists or shared your mixtapes religiously. Everyone carries a love for the 80’s in their hearts, whether they lived in that decade or not! But how much of an 80’s kid are you? Okay, so you were, like, totally an 80’s kid if you said these phrases:



This word is used when someone is acting crazy or freaking out from doing something, well, stupid. Man "YOU Be Buggin'." One might bug if they had a huge exam and never studied for it, or if they crashed their parents car and didn’t tell them they were taking it out for a spin...



From the late 19th century, this word meant lively Irish, young fellow / lad. From the 80’s, this word meant youngster or kid. One would use this on a younger sibling or someone a couple grades below them. For example, “How you doin’ there, bucko?” or “Better luck next time, bucko.”


Grody to the max

Can you say grody to the max!? This phrase means that something (or someone) is absolutely disgusting, gross, volatile, unwanted, etc. How many of you said this when you stepped in gum or when you saw the school’s cafeteria food? “Did that casserole just move? Ugh, grody to the max!”



The good ol’ 411. This phrase was always said to make sure you were in the loop. 411 means information and it actually came from the telephone number 411, that was used to reach directory assistance. “Alright, Nancy, what’s the 411 on John?”


Bag your face!

This word means, “Whatever!” or “Shut up!” This is kind of the reaction you have when something unbelievable happens.

SUE: Did you hear? Brett got a mustang!

DANA: Bag your face!! Did he really?


Take a Red!

This phrase relates to a red traffic light, telling someone to “stop right there!” This was used if you were telling a friend to think through their decision or their actions before doing anything. You can also insert a bucko or two.. “Whoa, whoa...take a red, bucko.”


Eat my shorts

This come back ruled them all. This phrase was commonly used if someone insulted you. For example:

BRAD: Hey Max, nice shoes you got there. (insulting poor Max’s dirty shoes) MAX: Eat my shorts!

It was the go-to-come back and it may or may not have had any effect on your insulter...



Not only were the spandex tight in the 80's, but so was the slang. Tight means cool, awesome, rad or right on. So, if your parents finally allowed you to go out to the movies after dinner on a Monday, your friends would say, “Tight! Let’s go.”



Insert any word here and just add an “o-rama.” Most used this phrase when insulting someone, meaning, you are describing someone that is every sense of that word . Weird-o-rama, Nerd-o-rama and Dweeb-o-rama are just a few common examples.


Scoshe (sc-oh-shh)

This word means just a little bit. When asked how much, you reply, "Just a scoshe." Whether it be ketchup for your burger or hairspray for your perm, just a scoshe will do. This is total 80's valley girl talk.


No Doy!

Similar to the 2000’s, “Duh!” this word just means “obviously.” Most teenagers used this with their friends and only the brave would ever say it to their parents. “Well, no doy I haven’t talked to Marty yet! I’ve been out of town!”

If these words/phrases were common in your vocabulary, then you were totally an 80’s kid.

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