17 Hairstyles That the World Will Never Forget
17 Hairstyles That the World Will Never Forget
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17 Hairstyles That the World Will Never Forget

By Olivia Harlow
Whether you rocked a rat-tail or an over-fluffed prom doo, we’re sure your hair has seen itself through some of history’s most epic styles. From a side ponytail to an afro, split ends have never persevered more than to see one quirky hair era to the next. Here are some of our personal favorite scalp trends:


Made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character, Rachel, this hairstyle is a 90s dream: mid-length hair comprised of choppy layers and precise angles that outline the face.


Think Spice Girls. More specifically, think Victoria Beckham. This daring female haircut is short in the back and long in the front. Thought of as original and sexy, this look was first popular in the 90s and is seemingly just now making a comeback.


Did mom dump soup on your head and use the bowl as a stencil for your haircut, or do you actually think it’s cool to have long hair above your ears and buzzed stubble below? That pretty much sums up this humiliating haircut, made unpopular by middle school-aged boys in the early 90s.


The only ones who seem to pull this off are James Bond look-alikes, dressed in dapper tuxedo attire. Dump out the gel, and use your hand to push hair backwards. Even surfers can’t ride that wave.


Fluff it up. This hairdo is all about volume. And more volume. Get an itty bitty comb and tease your hair. Then tease it more. Get a super duper large bottle of hairspray and spray. Then spray some more. If you’re feeling extra wild, bring a crimper to the do. Yep, that’s the Tina Turner look. Now all you need is a pair of pleather leggings or a flapper dress, and you’re good to go!


This chin-length hair cut was curled under at the ends, to make for unquestioned innocence.


The opposite of a bob, this hairdo flips the bottom half of hair outward. Now all you need is pearls.


Backstreet Boys style. Smother your hands in hair gel and use your fingers to separate locks into grass-like molds.


Bald and squeaky clean. Ladies dig it…unless you have a cone head, that is.


Only recently did the man bun come back in style. Men with ponytails are coveted, making girls swoon around the world. It’s a Fabio thing. Wear it in a ponytail, a bun, or down like a wild mermaid, we go nuts!


Think Joe Dirt. Or Chuck Norris. Short on the top and sides, but long in the back—basically a superfluous beaver tail of hair sprouting from the neck.


This is every dad’s way of unknowingly embarrassing the crap out of his kids. With a handful of gooey hair gel, a guy will comb his hair to the side in attempt of mimicking James Bond’s iconic plastic-look-alike hair. However meticulous one may be at making sure that no stray hair ruins the plastic fold, a mess is inevitable. Nowadays it’s just a middle-aged male’s sad attempt at covering bald spots and masking grays with an overdose of stiffening spray.


You want curls? You got ‘em. For women who wanted permanent curls, a perm was the answer—that is, until the precious curly-Qs became a heap of unraveled frizz. This was an classic 80s hairdo.


Well, this hairstyle certainly made a ‘quack’ back in the day! This men’s cut created a v-shape in the back of the head. More high maintenance than a simple “slicked back” do, the ducktail combed hair from both sides, resembling a literal duck butt. Yet, as smooth as things might be in the back, a loose curl or longer bangs in the front was always welcomed. Think John Travolta circa Grease.


This hairstyle looks like bees could literally fly from its twisty locks. Teased threads and hairspray, compacted into a conical-shaped hair tower, the beehive was ever boy’s prom nightmare. Oh Gawsh, she looks a foot taller than me now.


When a woman pumps up the volume (too much) and makes everyone wonder if she secretly has a cone-head underneath all that hair—that is a bouffant. To perfect such a style required mega teasing with a tiny-tooth comb and even more hairspray.


I mean, does this really require an explanation? Rolled into perfect cylinders of unwashed, textured locks, Bob Marley’s hair was coveted from hippies around the globe—and it still is. At Legacybox, we believe in preserving your life’s grandest memories—including that pixie cut attempt in middle school and the infamous ringlet updo you tested for the junior cotillion dance. Send in your most humiliating (but epic) VHS tapes and outdated film, and we’ll be sure those laughable hairdos never become extinct!
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