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Memory Jar: Preserving Your Memories

By Shelby Burr
When it comes to memories, sometimes you can forget some of the most hilarious or beloved moments. Luckily, you can preserve those memories to last forever by writing them in a keepsake memory jar. Large or small moments, they are meant to be saved forever. Here are 5 easy steps to create your memory jar:

Pick your Memory Jar

Whether you plan to fill your jar to the brim with memories or casually place a few from time to time, any size mason jar, box or vase will work. Store your memories in whatever works best for you! Just make sure you have a lid to keep all of your memories safe.


Now is the time to bedazzle your memory jar. You can cover it in stickers, right an inspirational quote or even tie a snazzy ribbon around it to give it some character. Paint the jar in chalkboard paint to recreate your design anytime or add a fun pattern, such as polka dots, stripes or chevron. Whether you like it plain Jane or decked out, your jar will look fantastic.


Some may stick with one style of paper to keep consistency, while others just write on whatever is nearest to them. You can fill your memory jar with bright colored paper to represent different emotions, such as surprised, happy, laughter and love. Or you can use two different colored papers to make your jar more artistic.


If you’re working full time or out and about during the day, the best place to put your memory jar is near the front door. That way, whether you’re leaving or going, you can drop in your memory right away. Another great place is near your bed. At the end of the day, you can recall all of the moments you experienced and fill that jar up!

Memory Ideas

If you want to keep the memory jar consistent, you can add in two positive moments that happened to you that week or add one positive memory/moment every day for one full year. Once the year is over, you can open your memory jar and relive the precious moments you experienced.
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