Create Happy Memories in The Top Happiest Countries
Create Happy Memories in The Top Happiest Countries
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Create Happy Memories in The Top Happiest Countries

By Olivia Harlow
It’s true that happy memories can be made wherever you venture. These eight countries (in no particular order) have been repeatedly ranked among the happiest places in the world. A combination of positivity and social engagement—in addition to gorgeous, untouched landscapes—provide a nourishing, high quality of life to residents.


For the first time, Norway was dubbed the “world’s happiest country” title this year. After ranking fourth on the list for the last two years, Norway jumped three spots. Norway boasts heartbreakingly beautiful landscapes for exploring. Whether you’re skiing Hemsedal mountains, relaxing on a porch of a charming cabin, or wandering bustling streets, you’re guaranteed a spectacular experience.


Usually ranked number one, Denmark has one of the best GDPs in the world. Denmark has an annual income of $61,000 and a minimum wage of $20 an hour. The country’s emphasis on workers’ rights, social justice, and personal freedom makes it one of the most thriving environments for individualism and fulfillment. Known for long life expectancy, celebratory festivals, and an upbeat, nonjudgmental nature, we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re back on top next year. The Tivoli Gardens create positive vibes and allow wonderful memories to be made!


New Zealand is relatively new, in the grand scheme of things, with humans only coming to inhabit its luscious lands 800 years ago. With low levels of pollution, intriguing geological features, and thriving ecologies across its expanse, New Zealand is a great place. New Zealand also protects its environment and the wildlife that live there. In addition to the country’s vast expanses of open, lush land, New Zealand also is home to the world’s largest swing — a nearly 1,000-foot arch located in Queenstown that certainly brings great joy (and fear)!


Even after Iceland's infamous 2008 economic recession, Iceland remained among the top 10 happiest countries. It’s believed that the downfall actually brought communities together and inspired a new wave of tourism. This includes the ridiculously affordable Iceland Air airline that provides flights to Reykjavik for sub-$200. Take a stroll alongside wild horses,  visit volcanoes, or witness the amazing Northern Lights. Iceland is sure to make you happy.


For being the sixth largest country in the world, Australia has extremely low levels of pollution and is impressively involved in protecting the environment. With high levels of community engagement, citizens in the land of Aus are notorious for being open and genuine with one another. In comparison, people of the U.S. would be considered standoffish and cold. Travelers are normally taken aback by the welcoming attitude and jovial nature of Aussies. With snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, hanging out with koalas, and feasting on massive brekkie's every morning, you’re sure to come away with a smile.


Netherlands citizens report the highest rates of physical activity in the world. The Netherlands is an incredible place for outdoor sports and adventure—especially bicycling. In fact, the Netherlands boasts 20,000 miles of bicycle lanes. And with stunning views at all times, cycling might be one of the best ways to take the land’s infinite beauty. Even if art and touring museums isn’t your style, you’re sure to be impressed by this country! Be sure to visit the Anne Frank House for a humbling dose of history. Enjoy this happy trip and be sure to enjoy the nightlife of Amsterdam!


While Canada is only one country away from the U.S., Canada seems to outperform above the States’ happiness level. As the world’s second largest country, Canada possesses diverse landscapes and therefore a wide array of activities. With ski slopes, breathtaking hikes,  five-star dining, and upbeat nightlight, you'll be happy for sure. From the Canadian Rocky Mountains ,to the northwestern Trans-Canada Highway, see what this North American hotspot has to offer.


2015’s happiest country, Switzerland, is a whole lot more than its reputable ski slopes and dark chocolate. With vast outdoor spaces, great health, and endless adventure, the Swiss life is to no surprise upbeat. Wandering snow-capped mountains by skis or snow boots has never been so awe inspiring! It’s been said that no matter where you go, you can always find happiness. But these eight destinations are nothing but smiles.
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