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Road Trip Photography Guide
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Road Trip Photography Guide

By Shelby Burr

Are you looking to travel this upcoming year? Looking to make tons of memories that you can relive again and again?

We want to make sure you get all the best photos on your next trip so that you have memories to share for years to come.

The good news is, you don’t have to have all the fancy equipment to take some stellar photos and make incredible memories. Here are the 5 best tips on how to have the best road trips.

Plan your shots first

Since you’re traveling to a specific spot, you’ve done your due diligence to look up exactly where you are going and what to expect as far as scenery goes. That said, plan where you’d like to get specific photos! If you’re hiking up a mountain, be sure to capture the special moment right at the top! If you’re traveling to see monuments, make sure you know exactly what memories you want to capture and bring home. By prepping, you’ll be able to check off a list of what you want to collect and bring home with you. 

Beware of Tourists

Now that we’ve talked about planning your shots, be sure to take in seasonality too. Depending on where you go for your travels, you make be going during peak tourist season. That will mean lots of people, some potential crowding, and maybe even a little chaos. We all know those family photos where some stranger happens to walk right in the middle. It’s not their fault, they were probably just as disoriented from all the other tourists. But it still ruined your family photo. When planning, take in account the high traffic seasons and when it might be best to visit without worrying about other people. 

Make it fun

Listen, you’re on vacation and traveling...make sure you make this fun! Capturing special moments and memories shouldn’t be stressful. It’s good to plan and prep accordingly, but also take random photos of special moments in time! You’ll be cherishing these photos forever and they will be so special to you. Whether it’s a selfie, a funny moment in the car, or even at the rest stop. Stop for a moment and snap a photo. You’ll appreciate it later. 

Take it all in

While you’re out and about making and taking special memories...take a second to soak it all in. Put your phone or camera down, take a deep breath and breathe it in. This moment will pass and you won’t be able to take it back. Yes, a photo will capture that moment forever, but not all the senses that came with it. Smell the air, feel the season, listen to the laughter. Just be there and soak it in too. 

Remember to preserve your memories

Your memories are so very important. They are near and dear to your heart. Plus, when you travel, you’ll be taking such amazing photos that you will relive again and again. The most important thing that you need to do is save and preserve your photos/videos. You do not want to lose anything, so back it up and protect them now! You can get your photos digitized through LegacyBox and have them saved on thumb drive, cd’s or digital download. You’ll never have to worry about losing your special memories again! 

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