Can You Dig The Slang from the 70’s?
Can You Dig The Slang from the 70’s?
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Can You Dig The Slang from the 70’s?

By Shelby Burr

Remember those groovy times back in the 70’s? Bell bottom jeans, afros, discos and floral everything – this is what made the 70’s so special. But do you remember what the hottest slang was back in the day? These phrases were so far out then, maybe they’ll make a comeback?

 You were a total 70’s kid if you said these phrases:

 1. Can You Dig it?

Typically meaning, “Are you cool with that? Do you understand?” This phrase was used all the time if you grew up during the 70’s. If you wanted to check with your friends to see if they were down with hanging out after school, you’d say “Can yah dig it?”

 2. Hip

There are many, many ways to express the word “cool,” but “hip” was the all-time favorite term during this groovy decade. If you were cool, then you were hip. Being hip often meant cool car, cool clothes, cool vibe.

 3. Gimme Some Skin

Today, we say “High Five!” but this was the cool (or hip) way of saying high-five back then. “Gimme Some Skin” meant slapping the palm of your hand over your friends, sliding your hands back, flipping them over and repeat. This could be a causal high-five or it could mean “I’m in” or “We’re good.”

 4. The Man

Let me tell you what, if you were referred to as “The Man” then you had high respect from those around you. “The Man” meant authority, respect and basically the highest praise. For example:

            David: Hey, did you hear that Steven kissed Mary last night?

            Mark: No way! Mary Smithson?

            David: Yeah!

            Mark: Dude…Steven’s The Man.

‘Nough said. Well done, Steven.

 5. What’s the Skinny?

This was a common term during the 1970’s. This meant “What’s going on?” Or “Fill me in!” This could range anywhere from current gossip to what your friends have been up to.

 6. May The Force Be With You

On May 25th, 1977, the creation of Star Wars was released for the world to enjoy. Most people had low expectations for this film, but this movie blew minds and exceeded expectations with their high tech space scenes, light saber battles and the invisible (yet powerful) force that defeated all odds. Once this movie was released, everyone said “May the force be with you.” To work, to school, to the grocery store – you were protected as along as you had the force.

 7. Audi 5000

During the 1970’s, the Audi 5000 reportedly experienced problems with sudden and unintended acceleration. This lead to the term “Audi 5000.” If you were ever in a place or situation where you wanted to get out ASAP, you would say, “Alright, I’m Audi 5000” and exit.

8. Primo

This term meant “the best” or “ultimate.” For example:

            Jeff: Hey gang, we should go to Jefferson’s after school. They have PRIMO chili fries.

9. Jeepers Creepers

This term meant “Oh my gosh!” or another way of saying “far out.” So, if you saw your friend land a sick skateboarding trick, or your girlfriend came for your date in a smokin’ outfit, you would be inclined to say “Jeepers Creepers!”

10. See Ya on the Flipside

This phrased means “See ya later.” The word “flipside” referred to the other side of a pop single record, or the B-side. You’d say this to your friends after school or after hanging with them over the weekend.

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