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By Christian Roemer

If television represents a new era in media consumption, VHS tapes would be when TV grew wings and became a beautiful butterfly. If you’re new to our blog, you probably haven’t read about exactly how big of a change video tapes made for the everyday consumer. Prior to these wonderful boxes of plastic with film inside, folks didn’t have any choice about what to watch or when to watch it. TV showed programs and films on the airwaves, and if you didn’t like what they were sending you, too bad. VHS changed all of that. It liberated consumers from the shackles of program directors, and put entertainment into their own hands.

Even more importantly, VHS tapes became a new tool of documenting our lives, saving people the hassle of free-range film in their home video cameras. With new cameras and VCRs, you could record your child’s birthday, then watch the footage on the same day.

It probably wasn’t until the VHS tapes proliferated in the world that we realized how transformative they would be. While handheld cameras weren’t new, the previous versions using Hi8 didn’t plug and play very easily, making playback a bit of a pain. With VHS recording, documenting our lives in sound and color didn’t just become a reality--it became instantaneous and seamless.

Personal home video libraries started filling up closets everywhere across the country, giving every family the ability to record and save the most important events of their lives. From gymnastics meets to 1st grade plays, we could put everything on tape to save for future generations. Paintings and grainy pictures were replaced with moving and talking videos of grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and childhood friends. Memories became something that didn’t just live in the minds of the folks who lived the experiences; they were on rolls of film in black plastic housings.

The only problem with VHS as a format is that technology kept moving forward. Physical tapes and film were replaced with digital, and VCRs started disappearing across the country. It’s impossible to stop the march of time and human progress, but what are we supposed to do with all of the valuable memories we’ve created over the years that are now sitting in a closet somewhere with no way to watch them?

Easy, you get those old VHS tapes digitized.

Memories are made to be remembered. That’s the entire reason that they exist. Because of technological advancements, it’d be silly to expect everything to stay the same forever. We see how that worked out for slide projectors. However, just because technology improves, that doesn’t mean we need to leave our pasts behind us forever. At least, that what Legacybox believes.

That’s why we do what we do. We think your memories are irreplaceable and invaluable, and we want to make sure that you can enjoy them for the rest of your life. We have some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the country that is 100% made to convert your old VHS tapes into digital copies. All you do is send us your old tapes, and we take care of the rest. We know how valuable your memories are, which is why we protect them so steadfastly.

Sure, it’s possible to digitize all of your tapes yourself, but it’s expensive, time-consuming, and requires new hardware that you probably don’t want to buy.



Even though VHS went out of style about 15 years ago, we know that there are still really important things on your old tapes. Legacybox wants to help your memories follow you throughout life, no matter what kind of technological advancements are in store for the future. 

If you have a box of old VHS tapes filled with stories of your life that you can’t watch, let us help you. Those videos don’t have to stay technologically locked inside of an archaic format. We can bring your 1970s memories into the 21st century, so that you can do with them what you’re supposed to: enjoy them.

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