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Is there a Size Limit on Photos I Can Send for Digitization?

By Dillon Wallace

Flipping through old photos can really feel like a trip back in time. Big hair. Acid washed jeans. Neon everything. It’s okay, you’re not alone. Everyone’s style was super suspect back then ...

But aside from laughing or cringing at questionable fashion choices of your past, you want those memories to last forever, right?

That baby’s first Christmas. The little league game trophy ceremony. That birthday that you got more cake on your face than in your mouth. Well, keeping all those memories tucked away in an old photo album or Reebok shoe box isn’t doing them any life-prolonging favors. Digitizing them on the other hand – now, that’s a future-proof plan worth pursuing. And we can help!


But you may be saying to yourself, “is there is a size limit on the photos you can send us for digitization?”


Fact is, we can convert most consumer photo prints. Our professional preservationists will scan each photo, converting it to a high-quality JPEG so that every detail of the original is captured. Then, we’ll send you back your original prints along with your newly digitized copies on either a DVD, thumb drive or digital download. It’s that easy.


And while we convert most print formats, even photos as small as 1x1, there are a couple formats that we currently don’t process:


  • Photo prints larger than 8.5x11 inches
  • Photos sent in any type of sleeve, frame, carousel, box or album


So, as you can see, that leaves quite the smorgasbord of print options available for digitization. And speaking of digitization, your digitized photos’ resolution is measured in dots per inch (or DPI). And depending on what scanning method is best for your particular photo, we’ll use several different processes to scan them, ensuring we meet the minimum DPI. Of course, the exact measurements of the digital photo file will depend on the physical size of the photo itself. But that’s all common practice stuff.


Just make sure that when sending in your photos, you remove them from any container (frame, album, etc.), group them in bundles of 25 (if you can) and place them in a clear plastic zip bag or envelope. We’ll take care of the rest.


So, unless you’ve got a big poster print that you want digitized, Legacybox is here to take care of all your digital print needs – easily, quickly and safely. Every time, always.

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