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Making a Graduation Memory Book
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Making a Graduation Memory Book

By Dillon Wallace

Someone once told me that when you’re a parent the days are long but the years are short. Now that I am a parent, no words have ever felt truer. So, when it comes to high school graduation and sending your children off to the next chapter in life, the adjustment can be difficult for parents and kids alike.

That’s why a graduation memory book is a great way to show your pride, document their accomplishments and give them a sentimental keepsake when they get homesick.

It’s not quite that post-graduation European vacation they may be not so subtly dropping hints for, but they’ll appreciate the memory book in the long run. Trust me.

Pull your chosen photos

With smartphones and social media apps galore, I don’t think any teenager has a shortage of photos on hand. But what’s great about compiling photos for a memory book is the fact that your children get to view their lives through your eyes. 

Furthermore, a memory book keepsake isn’t just a one-and-done gift. Your kids can return back to it for years to come, and when their kids get old enough, they can then share what it was like when their mom or dad was a kid (if they’ll believe they were ever their age). It’s a full circle gift that keeps on giving for generations.

Choose your graduation book

It may sound like a no brainer, but there’s a lot to consider with graduation books. What size do you want? Type of layout? Amount of pages in case they want to add to it later? Does it fit your child’s personality? Classic vs. contemporary? What are the sections? These are just some of the many questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing the right book for your child. Most of it is personal preference, but we’re also here to help with some of that, especially any digitizing needs you may have.

Revisiting the school years

Obviously, when it comes to creating a graduation memory book, you’re going to want to recall their school journey as best as possible. So, start digging for all those old school photographs, report cards, art projects and more because they’re all going to come in handy for breaking down each school minestrone, starting with grade school.

Grade school memory book ideas

Aww, the impressionable years. The sweet innocence of adorable outfits, crude but dear refrigerator artwork and lots of little league and gymnastics adventures. So, bust out the class pictures throughout the years and get to organizing your child’s grade school memories. And don’t forget, just because it’s a grade school memory book, it doesn’t need to pertain only to school. Feel free to include any and all extracurricular activities, vacation photos, birthday party pictures, ribbons and trophies, sporting event tickets, movie tickets – anything you deem worthy of making it into the “Aww, do you remember when…” memory book.

High school memory book ideas

The same basic principle of collecting and organizing the grade school memories applies to their high school years. Just with a sprinkle of added maturity in both content and design. Don’t hesitate to turn to their social media for current photos and hobby/interest inspiration across their four year stretch. If they played a sport, you could customize the pages to reflect their team or jersey number. If they were in drama, maybe you kept the show stubs or programs to include. The world is your oyster, so make every memory count!

With high school, there also come many first milestones – first dates, first dances, getting a driver’s license and more. Lean into those major life events and go all out. Just make sure you leave some room in the back to include the college years.

Think that’s all the memory book ideas out there? Try again. Don’t forget about getting other people’s perspectives on what to include. For example, including messages, photos and keepsakes from other family members and relatives can go a long way to rounding out the book. Plus, including notes and more from their best friends, coworkers, teammates and others is sure to surprise your child with the amount of detail and effort you put into making their book truly special.

Creating a graduation memory book is a lot like scrapbooking. So, if you’ve never scrapbooked before, and you’re in need of some scrapbooking pointers, tips or tricks, then check out our 10 easy scrapbooking steps blog for some inspiration.

Preserve your memories

While you’re going through the effort of putting together a truly memorable graduation book for your child, it’s important to remember that physical copies of photos can tend to get damaged, faded or even lost in the fray. That’s why we recommend you digitize all the photos you’re using as a way to back up your book in case something like the above scenarios does unfortunately happen. And, it’s a great way to compile your physical memory book into a sharable digital one for friends and extended family. Not to mention, it gives you the ability to include old home videotape footage (if you have it), which we can also help by lending a professional helping hand to digitize.

So, what are you waiting for?! Graduation is just around the corner. It’s time to start putting your memory book together and we can help!

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