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Meaningful At Home Projects
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Meaningful At Home Projects

By Christian Roemer

Coronavirus eh? What a bummer. This small microbe has completely upended the world and changed the way that we’re living our lives.

Chances are you’ve been having a bunch of extra time at home, and you’re running out of ideas on how best to pass it.

I’m not the world’s most crafty type; heck, browsing Pinterest for 3 minutes is enough for me to marvel at the bounds of human imagination. But if I get a little push in the right direction, I can make some cool stuff. Since we’re all inside anyway, passing the time until we can find better ways to pass the time, why not start a fun project?

Here are five easy projects that you can start at home, and you don’t have to be a professional artist to make them look great. Just be patient, get everyone in the house involved, and use your memories to make some awesome new memories! These are Christian’s Coronavirus Approved CraftsTM to keep your creative juices flowing while under lockdown.


Make a Collage 

Most folks have a bunch of photos sitting in shoeboxes doing a whole lot of nothing. Put those old polaroids and 4x6s to good use! Find your favorite ones and make a fun collage with them! You can use Scotch tape on the back to affix them to whatever kind of board you like. Fancy it up with a nice canvas. The choice is yours! 


P.S. This is also a really good time to get some of those old photos digitized!


Learn to Edit Videos (For home movies) 

If you’re more of the digital type, there are still cool things you can do with your old memories. One of those things is to learn some video editing. If you own a Mac, iMovie is a great tool to get started. Windows also has some good options, but you’ll need to download a decent program--Blender is supposed to be pretty great. Have fun and relive some amazing memories while you’re at it!


Grow an Avocado Tree 

Did you know that you can grow an avocado tree from just the seed? It’s true! Here’s a really good guide on how to do it. It’s tons of fun, and it’s a cheap way to add some greenery to your house! And to prove that anyone can do it, here’s my 2 and a half year old tree still going strong!


Spring Clean 

Nobody really likes to clean, but if we’re spending all of our time at home, we might as well get after it! Dust off those shelves that you haven’t looked at for 3 years. Give the carpets a good vacuum. Donate your old clothes to Goodwill, and Marie Kondo your living room. A tidy home is a happy home!


Teach Your Pet a New Trick 

We’re not the only ones stuck at home. Our pets are all cooped up too! What better way to pass the time with our furry companions than by teaching them a new trick? Apparently cats can learn to use the toilet, and dogs can do all sorts of wild stuff. Get creative, watch a couple of tutorials, and get to work! Your pet will love the extra time and attention, and then when the lockdown lifts, you’ll have new party tricks to show off in the park!

Lockdown doesn’t have to be a drag. It can actually be a great time to do some fun things that you’ve always wanted to do but just haven’t gotten around to. We’re still digitizing too, so if you have some old tapes, pictures, or videos lying around, might as well get them backed up!

Now go start a fun project!

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