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Our Favorite Travel Snacks

By Christian Roemer

I’m weird. I can sit at home all day at my desk and not get hungry once. But then when I’m driving all day, sitting in the driver’s seat of the car, I’m instantly starving. I’m not doing anything different. I’m still just sitting there. But in one instance, I’m hungry as the devil, and the other, I’m mellow as a cucumber. That just means I need travel snacks -- and lots of them.

Not all travel snacks are created equally. One time my grandmother packed licorice when we were on a road trip. Licorice! Who even eats licorice?

The last thing you want when you’re about to spend hours in the car is a car without snacks. Having stuff to munch is an essential component of traveling. That’s why this is your definitive list for the top 10 travel snacks.


Chex Mix 

Controversial choice at number one, but hear me out. Chex Mix is easily the most underrated snack, while also being ideal for a long trip. It’s crunchy, savory, and if you get the bold party mix like I do, it’s delicious. Most importantly, Chex Mix isn’t greasy, so you’re not going to make a mess by rubbing your grubby fingers all over the car’s interior.



Snickers are the best candy, full stop. Whether you choose the almond or peanut variety, you can’t go wrong with a Snickers bar. I love the nougat, personally, but the whole package is top class.


Sunflower Seeds 

Few things help pass the boring hours faster than a good handful of sunflower seeds. Sometimes, the long miles on the road drag on and on. Sunflower seeds are like the original fidget spinner when you pop a handful in your mouth and shell them the old fashioned way.



I’m not a big potato chip guy. I think they’re fine. But on a road trip, the salty, non-greasy tube of Pringles is absolutely mint. They’ve got some great flavors, plus the tube makes them extra crush proof in case they accidentally migrate to the bottom of your snack bag.



Skittles are the perfect road trip candy. The shell keeps them from melting everywhere, and the colors mean you can switch things up. Eat a single color at a time or mash them all up. The choice is yours!



Bananas are nature’s snack. They basically come pre-packaged off the tree! Bananas are perfect for travel, because they’re naturally wrapped until it’s time to eat them.



Sprees are similar to Skittles, but I like them a little better. I like the tartness inside, while Skittles are a bit sweeter. I know Skittles are a more popular choice, but Sprees deserve their minute of fame, in my opinion.



Goldfish are awesome for any age group. I still get giddy and excited when a carton of Goldfish comes my way. Similar to Pringles, the packaging is a bit more substantial than most other snacks, making them a safer choice for long, marathon drives.


Beef Jerky 

Hello, keto friends, this one’s for you. Beef jerky is probably the original travel snack. Just dry out a bunch of meat, smother it in salt, and chew to your heart’s content. Beef jerky is the obvious choice for our more muscle-bound compadres.


Fruit Gummies 

Honestly, I don’t know a brand name to use here, because all fruit gummies are basically interchangeable for me. Gummy snacks are great for all ages, and they’re a little more guilt-free than straight up candy.

There you have it! That’s the top 10 list of the best travel snacks. Even though I used the example of a road trip, you can basically use these same snacks for airplane or boat travel. Well, I’ll never use them on boat travel because I find the open seas scary, but that’s not important. What’s important is that all of these snacks are great options to keep your rumbling tummy content while you get from A to B.

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