20 Custom Photo Gift Ideas - Best Picture Gifts for Family
20 Custom Photo Gift Ideas - Best Picture Gifts for Family
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20 Custom Photo Gift Ideas - Best Picture Gifts for Family

By Kellie Hillis

Photo gifts are wonderful, thoughtful presents that are very personal and endearing. They remind the recipient of happy times or loved ones, some who have passed on, and can become a treasured keepsake to be passed down for generations.

Giving photo gifts lets you speak directly with the person, reflecting not only them but the relationship you have with them. They can be fun and unique presents for different occasions and for different loved ones. They can be sentimental, humorous, romantic, appreciative, or any sentiment that moves you.

Top 20 Picture Gifts for a Loved One

Lots of people love picture gifts, but the best part is how flexible it is to use photos as part of a gift idea. You can create so many different items that range from seasonal to family heirlooms. Many of these are great DIY craft ideas as well and you have full creative license to make them any way you like.

Some of the more popular picture gifts include:

1. Digital Photo Box

Once you digitize your favorite photos you can put them upload them to a photo box so they can be prominently displayed as the device scrolls through them.

2. Photo Collage

There are adorable frames that allow you to create a photo collage, or you can create one digitally. Sites like Shutterfly have templates you can use to create beautiful collages.

3. Pallet Art

Pallets make great art projects. You can mount a photo collage, create frames or so much more. Look for creative ideas online or follow your instincts and create something that is uniquely you.

4. Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a popular photo gift idea that’s great for grandparents, parents or anyone who has a memory they want to display. Several sites allow you to upload your photos and choose your canvas size.

5. Film Photo Albums

You can upcycle your print photos by putting them in attractive photo albums. If you have children, make each child a photo album of their life. Label the pictures with names and dates.

6. Calendar

Photo calendars are one of the top rated personalized gifts you can give. You can use a single photo for each month, or a cute collage. Choose a template that lets you add little descriptions and add tidbits of information about each photo.

7. Ornaments

Photo ornaments make beautiful Christmas gifts that are sure to become family keepsakes. New parents, baby’s first Christmas, new grandparents, the list is endless. Check out sites like ETSY for inspiration.

8. Coffee Mugs

A photo mug is a very personal gift that is sure to be used often! Create your mugs using a photo and include a caption or clever saying to make it even more personal.

9. Beer Mugs & Wine Glasses

These photo gifts are elegant and endearing. Use family photos or old photos from days gone by. For an extra special, thoughtful gift, use some of your photos to create wine glass charms as well.

10. Puzzles

People love photo puzzles and it’s a fun way to send a message or just give a cool gift. Give a photo puzzle of yourself to your significant other. Kids will love them. And if you want to send a special message, nothing says “I love you,” “I miss you,” or “will you marry me?” like a photo puzzle. Make sure you use high-quality photos for the best puzzle experience.

11. Playing Cards

Blackjack, Solitaire, and Texas Hold’em just got a lot more interesting. Putting photos on a deck of playing cards is a fun, cute gift idea for your favorite card player. You’ll need 52 different pictures (maybe of different family members) – or just one really great one.

12. Candles

This is a clever DIY craft idea that you can make with very little investment. Use large pillar candles for your project and use sheer or weathered paper to print the photo on for maximum effect. You can find a tutorial on YouTube if you have trouble getting started.

13. Coasters

Photo coasters are very special gifts that are especially good for parents or grandparents. Amazon and many craft stores have coaster frames. You just insert the photos and you’re in business. This is a great gift for mother’s day or a friend who will appreciate such a thoughtful gift.

14. Magnets

Some of the best gifts are those that can be displayed, are functional, and have a personal touch. Photo magnets are great for coworkers or moms, or anyone in between. They also make great holiday gifts. Find the acrylic ones at craft stores and get creative.

15. Pillows & Blankets

Picture throw pillows or a fleece blanket are cozy, personal gifts that keep giving and giving. Give one to a friend with a collage of photos of your adventures, or grandma with pictures of the grandkids.

16. Socks

Photo socks are a fun, funky gift that is sure to get a smile or two. Kids love them, but so do those who are a kid at heart. Find some pics that really speak to the person. You can also put your photo on a tote or water bottle for more useful but personal items.

17. Face Mask

Photo face masks add a touch of whimsy to your gift-giving. Choose photos that are fun and will get plenty of smile mileage. Use your own photo for that someone special so you can always be with them.

18. Onesies

The littles can also get in on the photo fun – but if played right, the adults will really get a kick out of it. Get a onesie with your best photo of grandpa’s face and a clever caption – or grandma’s – talk about fun!

19. Caricatures

Caricatures are fun gifts that are pretty easy to pull together. Use several similar photos and make the caricature the focal point, then create a conversation starting piece of wall art and get people talking. You can also just put it in a picture frame or you can get it on an iphone case or android phone case if you really want to have some fun.

20. Pet Portraits

For many people, pets are like family, often like their children. Getting a pet portrait and turning it into a stunning photo gift is thoughtful and will most certainly be cherished. You can put pet photos on keychains or in a pet inspired photo frame.

Ideas for the Different People in Your Life

Some of the best gifts are those that you tailor to the person. It makes the experience so much more special. There are tons of cute frames and craft ideas on sites like ETSY and Amazon. You can also find the tools and supplies you need to make them.

Ideas for the Different People in Your Life

Some of the best gifts are those that you tailor to the person. It makes the experience so much more special. There are tons of cute frames and craft ideas on sites like ETSY and Amazon. You can also find the tools and supplies you need to make them.

For the Boyfriend

You’ll really get his attention with a cool photo gift for your boyfriend.  Whether you create some type of home décor or something more personal like a photo money clip or keychain any gift that keeps you in the forefront of his mind is a good gift.

For Girlfriend

Girls love sentimental gifts, so a photo book of your relationship is the perfect gift for her. Make sure that she knows you care and that you are always thinking of her,

For Grandparents

Grandparents love their grandbabies so any gift that includes them is going to be special to them. Get them a photo gift and you’ll make Christmas and grandparent’s day even more special.

For Mom

Give mom a mother’s day gift she’ll cherish forever. Photo gifts are so much more personal than flowers and candy.

For Dad

Even dads enjoy photo gifts. A fleece blanket with photos of mom and the kids will give him a father’s day he’ll cherish forever.

For Friends

When shopping for the best gift for a friend, it’s often tough because you can’t really get personal. Photo gifts like keychains, water bottles, and photo books show how much you value your friendship.

For Pet Parents

Pet parents love pictures of their furbabies and when you turn it into wall art or something functional like a phone case or refrigerator magnet, they will cherish it always.

Start by Digitizing Your Favorite Photos

So, what’s next? When you’re ready to turn your great ideas into great projects, get your photos together and get them digitized. Make sure you have a good selection of photos so you’ll have lots to choose from.

Digitize your photos using our professional service so that you can ensure that the quality is maintained. You can trust Legacybox with all your precious memories.

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