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Photo Gift Ideas for Grandparents
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Photo Gift Ideas for Grandparents

By Dillon Wallace

If there’s one thing that grandparents love, it’s photos. Just picture your grandparents’ house. Photos of their children, particularly their grandchildren, fill every available inch of wall and mantle space. Maybe it’s the solace in seeing their legacy continue in future generations or the nostalgic nature that each framed memory holds, who knows?

Bottom line: grandparents love photos.

So, here are some great photo gift ideas that your grandparents will treasure.

Skylight Photo Frame

Don’t have the most tech savvy grandparents? Or maybe they don’t live close by? You’re not alone. But, that still doesn’t mean you can’t effortlessly share the 137 photos and videos you snap of your children on a daily basis. With Skylight Frame and other similar products, you can snap, upload and enjoy just like that. All your grandparents need is a Wi-Fi connection and the rest is up to you. It’s like a virtual slide show that you’re creating and curating uploaded content for. All they have to do is sit back and enjoy all the adorableness. 

Photo Digitization

Don’t get me wrong, portraits and photo albums are great. They’ve been around for centuries as a way to display photos of our loved ones around the house, office and more. Unfortunately, they’re limited to a single space, and if you’re not careful, you might accidentally ruin one of your favorite pictures from moisture damage or direct sunlight damage. Or cast them to storage where they’re not appreciated. So, maybe it’s time to start thinking of a more permanent solution. Legacybox can digitally scan all your old photos – even old home videotapes and more – so that those memories continue to live on for generations to come in a safe and convenient digital format you can share with anyone, anywhere – anytime. 

Watch Party

What would be more fun at your next family reunion or holiday gathering than to give grandma and grandpa a photo slideshow?! It’s also one of the perks that comes with digitizing your old photographs because now you can share them digitally, any and every which way. So, if you really want to watch the happy waterworks fountain, give your grandparents a slide show watch party. You’ll even get extra points if you can digitize all their old wedding photos and play it for their next anniversary. Trust me.

Photo Shoot

Who said your photo gift to grandma and grandpa had to be something already complete. If you really want to surprise your grandparents with an awesome photo gift idea, then tell them to put on something nice and be ready for a full photo shoot. After all, getting pictures of their adult children and young grandchildren is nice and all, but it doesn’t get any better than incorporating Gma and Gpa in the actual photo shoot. They’ll be beaming smiles so wide that the camera can barely capture them.

Photo Swag

Does your grandma love drinking her cup of morning coffee as she reads the newspaper (yes, the physical kind)? Or, maybe your grandpa is a man who loves to squeeze in an early 18 holes before noon every day. He needs to stay hydrated doesn’t he?

Point is, there are so many Etsy and other custom options like Shutterfly to digitally upload photos and have them printed on mugs, tumblers and more. It’s the perfect way to spark a little extra love into that morning cup of coffee for grandma or give grandpa a little motivation boost out on the course.

But who says you have to stop at just a coffee mug or tumbler when it comes to great personalized photo gifts for the grand ‘rents? It’s 2022. You can put custom photos on almost anything, so if you need some ideas check out these options.

  • Blankets & pillows – Why wouldn’t grandma and grandpa want to snuggle up to a pillow or under a blanket with their favorite grandchildren printed on it. Photo collages of family and loved ones is a fun way to spruce up the house.

  • Canvas Prints – Want the memory of a photo but the refined look of a portrait on canvas? With a variety of canvas sizes, you can make the whole family the center point of your grandparents’ home. Perfect for grandma to show off her grandbabies to anyone and everyone who comes over.

  • Calendars – Your grandma may be a kitten calendar enthusiast, but even she’ll be on board with replacing it with a photo calendar of her grandchildren. After all, they’re just as cute and cuddly as baby kittens but with even more squishable cheeks.

  • Phone case – We’ve all got smartphones. Yes, even your non-tech savvy grandma and grandpa. And of course they’re going to want a case because … safety first. So, why not give them a case that’s both functional and memorable by printing their family’s faces on them. It’s the perfect way for grandma and grandpa to show off their grandchildren wherever they go to anyone they meet.

  • Puzzles – Puzzles are good for sharpening the mind and other cognitive skills. You know, the type of skills that elderly folks really need to exercise as they age. So, instead of a generic 500-piece puzzle of a beach or castle, give them a photo puzzle of their family. They’ll ooh and aww as they put little sleeping Jimmy together.

  • Cooking apron – Whether it’s grandpa grilling his infamous chicken kabobs or grandma whipping up her unbeatable chocolate chip recipe, give them a little extra cooking motivation with an apron customized with photos of their loved ones. Those cookies will taste better than ever because they were made with just a little more love.

There are so many ways to personalize photo gift ideas for your grandparents that it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. So, tap into what your grandparents would enjoy most and then give them a memorable gift they’ll never forget. 

Just make sure that you’ve got the necessary digital photos to choose from when it comes to arranging your printed photo gifts. Legacybox can help!

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