Photo Gift Ideas for Mom
Photo Gift Ideas for Mom
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Photo Gift Ideas for Mom

By Dillon Wallace

Mom. Keeper of the peace. Comforter of the sick. Giver of sound advice. Birther of you. And … lover of photos. All. The. Photos.

There’s not much moms love more than to show off prize photos of their families to all their friends and neighbors.

So, what can we do this Mother’s Day to make it a little easier for them to proudly brag about you and your family? Give her an awesome photo gift.

Need some ideas? Here are some great photo gift ideas that mom will absolutely love. Guaranteed.

Digital photo frame

It’s like taking your dusty old photo albums and giving them a modern twist. Digital photo frames, like the Skylight Photo Frame and others, are super convenient for the mom who may not live close by. Simply snap a photo on your smartphone, send it to the frame via email or app and watch as mom enjoys the barrage of pictures as they flood in. And the best part, it’s a totally easy setup. All your mom needs is a Wi-Fi connection and she’s good to go. Ready to lose herself in the digital slideshow galore.

Family photo shoot

You know what mom loves even more than photos? New photos. Like, fresh off the Sear’s printer photos. So, give her a time, a place and some general guidelines about what to wear and have her join you and the rest of the family (and extended family if you really want to wow her) for a new series of professional photos that she can proudly display around the house.

Customized photo gifts

Who said photos had to be delegated to frames only? With today’s technology, photos can be printed pretty much anywhere. Where for example? I thought you’d never ask.

  • Blankets & pillows – What’s more comforting than resting your head atop a pillow with a picture of your children on it? Pairing it with a custom photo blanket, that’s what.
  • Calendar – Take down the generic landscape calendar your dad got for free at a business conference and give mom a photo calendar of all her children. The Grand Canyon looks good in May, but a picture of little Rowan with spaghetti sauce all over her face looks better.
  • Phone Case – Your mom takes her phone everywhere. We all do. So, make it worth smiling over every time she picks it up by customizing the case with a photo print of her kids.
  • Puzzles – Want to spice up family game night a little? Get a custom print puzzle of the family and mom and co. will laugh as they construct dad’s pieced together head.
  • Canvas prints – Your family is a work of art. It’s a beautiful masterpiece worthy of being hung next to your other art pieces. So, give mom some canvas prints she can ogle at like your home is a memory museum.
  • Kitchen apron – The only thing sweeter than mom’s made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies is if they’re made while she’s wearing her brand new custom printed cooking apron with the faces of her favorite little cookie monsters on it.
  • Lockets & jewelry – Give mom the ability to keep her loved ones close to her chest with a customizable photo printed necklace or locket. 
  • Coffee mug & tumbler – It doesn’t get any better than mom drinking her (much needed) cup of coffee out of a mug that’s sporting her loveable family’s … well, mugs.
  • Keychain & tote bag – If she could, mom would probably try to take her kids everywhere. With a customized photo keychain or tote bag as a gift, now she can.

Photo digitization & preservation

If you really want to see the happy waterworks fly on Mother’s Day, then give her a gift that immortalizes all her fondest memories. With Legacybox, you can send in all your mom’s old photos and negatives to have our professional preservationists digitize them onto a thumb drive, DVD or cloud download. Let her relive her wedding day, the birth of her children, that unforgettable vacation to Costa Rica, all those timeless holidays, and more in a digital photo format she can easily view and share. It’s that easy.

And if you have any other old analog media you want to digitize – film, videotapes or cassette tapes – send them in to us today and we’ll hand digitize them with the utmost care.

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