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Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

By Dillon Wallace

With so much saturation in the music industry and so little time to sit down and pick up a book, people are turning in droves to podcasts for their daily commute, office entertainment – or Sunday chill day.

In just the last couple years, the number of young podcast listeners (those between 12-24) jumped more than 10 percent from 2018. And while podcasts aren’t new by any means, the number of people supporting them and the content being created has reached an all-time high.

So, whether or not turning in to more podcasts was on your New Year’s resolution list (it was for me), here are a few of the best podcasts to check out for 2020. Happy listening.


My Favorite Murder

This true crime comedy podcast has already been around the podcast block since 2016, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark combine humor, facts and storytelling into a jaw-dropping meets belly-laughing podcast. If you’re a fan of true crime, especially the serial killer route, My Favorite Murder will keep you coming back for more.



When you combine a rumor mill with classic urban legends, you’re in for a mysterious treat. This podcast featuring, David Earl, Joe Wilkinson and Poppy Hillstead covers unsubstantiated rumors sent in by listeners. Each episode seems to grow in ludicrousy – like the guy who wasn’t even Christian but made it a mission to get baptised by as many churches as possible … because why not? If you’re looking for the comically absurd, Gossipmongers has the tales you want.


The Greatest Game

For all you sports fans, Jamie Carragher’s podcast gives you a glimpse into behind the scenes stories of some of the best football games ever played. Guests sit down to talk about the best game of football each has ever seen or played in (among other sports related topics). If you’ve got a constant 365-day appetite for football, then The Greatest Game can help curb your gridiron hunger during that dreadfully long offseason.


The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is the king of podcasts. He’s not only been in the game for a long time but he retains one of the biggest followings in the podcast world. Whether it’s politics, entertainment, nutrition/health, mixed martial arts – even drugs/psychedelics … Rogan has a podcast for you. Who would have thought that the ex Fear Factor host would be so debatably entertainable?


Dear Young Rocker

We all had those angsty young years where we didn’t seem to fit in or belong, but found ourselves through music. Or was it just me? Well, for all those loners out there, Dear Young Rocker is delightfully poignant memoir about finding your home in music. Incredibly relatable and warming, this podcast shows the beauty of connecting to others who share similar traits like anxiety, body issues, depression and more through the cure-all of rock music.


A Life Lived

Don’t get me wrong, Wikipedia is great, but sometimes you just want to know more about the lives of famous people who have come and gone. At least more than a user-generated page of content.  A Life Lived does just that by giving listeners the inside scoop on the lives of some notable celebrities and cultural figures, including Amy Winehouse, Sir Roger Moore and more. If anything else, listening to a cast or two could help out with your Wednesday night trivia game.

So what do you think? Maybe it’s time to try switching up your drive to work in 2020 with a fresh podcast, instead of a new Spotify playlist. Tune into something educational or just plain absurd. You never know what will catch your ear and that’s the beauty of it.

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