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Thanksgiving Home Decor
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Thanksgiving Home Decor

By Elaine Elliott

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to cozy up in a house surrounded by family, friends, good food and… décor!

You might put most of your time and effort into cooking, but these simple decoration ideas will be quick and fun to create with loved ones.

Beautifully adorned tables can turn your festive feast up a notch and make Thanksgiving even more memorable. 


Creative Nametags

There are a ton of options for making unique nametags for each family member at the dinner table. Since this décor idea is fairly simple, it’s also a great craft for little ones to work on while the parents are busy cooking.


One nametag idea is taking bright leaves from outside and writing a name on each leaf with a gold paint pen. Another fun option is finding pine cones outside and using the pinecones as placeholders for each written nametag.


Ombre Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece

A simple yet dramatic decoration! Paint a bunch of mini pumpkins and gourds with ombre colors cascading from darker to lighter from one end of the table to the other. Use a shade that complements the food or dining room, or go for the traditional thanksgiving and fall colors of yellow, orange, and red.


Berry Branch Centerpiece

For a natural and rustic effect, find some branches outside (or in the craft store) and place them in swing top bottles to finish off the farmhouse look. Berry, Asian pear, or crabapple branches are ideal for this centerpiece because the branches will have more color and features.


Walnut or Pinecone Garland 

Garland is a simple yet whimsical way to add a special touch to any kitchen, living room, or dining room. You can hang the garland from the fire mantel, staircase, window, or just about anywhere else. Using natural elements such as walnuts, pinecones, or dried fruit will make the décor look cohesive next to all the warm and welcoming tones of thanksgiving dinner. If you do want a pop of color, paint some of the walnuts or pine cones to complement the rest of your décor aesthetic.


Buckeye Filled Hurricane Vases 

Hurricane vases are a nice embellishment to add to any side table in a living space. Since buckeyes are another popular tree nut during this time of year, it makes for a fun option for your hurricane vases. Once filled halfway with buckeyes, add a candle in the middle of the vase and light the wicks during the feast for a moody ambiance.


Fanciful Chalkboard Menu 

Practice your calligraphy with this fun project. Find a giant chalkboard you can hang up in the kitchen or place next to all the food on the island. Write down the entire menu on the chalkboard to get guests even more excited about the food. Plus, no one will keep asking “what’s for dinner?” since the chalkboard will be one of the first things they see when they walk into the kitchen.

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