The 10 Most Iconic Scary Movies
The 10 Most Iconic Scary Movies
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The 10 Most Iconic Scary Movies

By Christian Roemer

Scary movies are weird. Nobody likes being scared, but yet we still willingly subject ourselves to hours of torment to watch horror film. Why are we so attracted to them? Nobody really knows – maybe Freud has a decent explanation.

Even though we all love horror movies, not all of them are created equally. All you have to do is turn on the Scifi Channel in the middle of the night to see what I mean. Some scary flicks, however, are so iconic, they’ve inserted themselves into our pop culture consciousness. Movies like:



People like to joke that gingers don’t have souls. Well, this redheaded doll has a soul, and it’s 100% evil. This franchise has existed for well over 2 decades, and new versions are still being produced. My personal favorite is the Bride of Chucky.



While we might think that Scream is a little bit outdated, this is one of the most recognizable scary movie franchises in the world. When it was released, almost everyone watched it, and the mask still pop ups in random places from time to time. It still gives me the creeps.



Don’t go to sleep. That’s where he lives. Freddy Krueger is one of the spookiest bad guys ever. His badly burned face and knife-fingers kept many-a-children awake in bed at night. 



Hellraiser gave us pinhead, one of the most featured haunted house guests of all time. Caught in the middle of this world and hell, Julia should have just left Jeff alone. I guess love transcends all?



This franchise gave us Jason – the knife-wielding, hockey mask-wearing bad guy with grunge style. I’d love to see Jason’s Tinder profile: “Tall, mysterious guy looking for camp counselors to hang out with. Must live close to Crystal Lake! I don’t really have a car, so you’ll have to pick me up. We’ll have a killer time though!”



Almost 15 years ago, some twisted minds brought humanity the Saw franchise. Jigsaw, a creepy mannequin doll, directs people to do all sorts of horrifying things for his masochistic enjoyment. Widely panned as simply “torture porn,” the Saw franchise isn’t so scary as it is downright disgusting.



Currently in reboot mode, It is about a clown. Who doesn’t love a good clown? Probably anybody that’s unfortunate enough to run across Pennywise. This clown lives in the sewers and likes killing children. Why did Stephen King have to ruin clowns for everyone?



A story about a possessed girl, demons are one of the most frightening supernatural phenomena. Many critics consider this film to be one of the greatest horror movies of all time, and I have to agree. I won’t ever be able to rid my brain of Regan Macneil’s head spinning around 360 degrees.


Another Stephen King classic, this film documents a man’s slow descent into madness. From the creepy twins, a tsunami of blood rushing down hallways, and Jack Nicholson beating a door in with an axe, this movie is one of the greatest films of any genre to ever be made.



Who couldn’t love the film that gave us Jamie Lee Curtis? An ultra-popular slasher film, Michael Myers escaped from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium to wreak havoc on Haddonfield, Illinois. Fun fact: the mask Michael wears is actually just a William Shatner mask covered in white paint!
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