Top 10 Best Photo Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day
Top 10 Best Photo Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day
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Top 10 Best Photo Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

By Dillon Wallace

Dads. Fearless fixer uppers. Tellers of terrible jokes. Wearers of jorts. Keepers of the peace. Mowers of green lawns. Players of 18 holes.

They go by many names, have many jobs and seldom demand attention for their daily heroics, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a good gift for their special day.

So, this Father’s Day, forget a new driver for the course or workbench accessory, and spring for something a little more memorable with these awesome photo gift ideas for dad.

Not sure what the perfect Father’s Day picture gift entails? No problem, we’ve got all your photo gifts for dad covered.

Sports & Leisure

Knower of sports ball. It’s no surprise that many fathers have their go-to sports team to root for, both college and professional. So, lean into his love for the game with photo-inspired sports memorabilia for his man cave, like a custom photo football or personalized sports team photo collage. A loving gift from his kids that revolves around his favorite sports team? That’s called winning Father’s Day.

Customized Clothing

A new shirt? That’s a nice gift for dad. A new shirt with his kids’ faces on it? Paternally priceless. And it doesn’t have to just be a shirt, you could give his business feet a little extra flair with some custom picture socks to rock!

Memorable Keepsakes

Want to know what dads treasure almost more than anything? Family legacy. That’s why digitizing your dad’s old analog media (polaroids, negatives, even old videotapes and film reels) with Legacybox is an amazing gift for your dad to cement his heritage for generations to come. Plus, it’s a good way to get back at your dad for years of embarrassing you with some incriminating payback photos of his awkward pre-pubescent years.

Canvas Prints

The biggest work of art in your home isn’t the paintings hanging on your walls but the family living within them. That’s why one of the best photo gift ideas for dad is a canvas print of the whole family.


Give dad some drinking accessories that serve as reminders for why he’s most likely drinking in the first place – you. Just kidding, kind of. But for real, from koozies and rocks glasses to mugs and pint glasses, the photo opportunities to spruce up your father’s barware is limitless.


Thinking of something a little more miscellaneous for dad? Then try upping his accessory game with father’s day photo gifts. That’s right, everything from keychains and wallets to phone cases and tumblers can also be personalized with digital pictures. Now, he’ll think of you everytime he gets in his car, opens his wallet or pulls out his phone. 

Office Supplies

Sure, a framed family portrait on his desk is a nice touch, but that’s just limited thinking. Why stop there when you could get him a customized laptop case with a collage of pictures on it? Or a pen that has all his kids’ faces on it? Or, a glasses case? Now, when he’s hard at work, he doesn’t have to just look at the framed photo on his desk for inspiration because it will be all around him.


It seems to be that at some point every dad just turns to playing golf as a hobby. Maybe it’s the outdoors or the much needed time away from home, and whether they’re any good at the game seldom has anything to do with it. So, give dad some photo-inspired golf gear this Father’s Day, including custom divot and photo ball markers, custom photo ball bags – even golf balls themselves. Who knows, it may just up his game!

Blankets & Pillows

What dad wouldn’t want to take his patented Sunday post-mowed lawn nap with a custom photo pillow and blanket of his family? It’s the only thing that could make catching some Zzz’s even more rest worthy. 

BBQ Accessories

The king of grillin’ and chillin’ deserves some improved cooking flair. That’s why a personalized photo apron and mitts are the perfect Father’s Day gift for the best well-done griller in your life. It may not improve his grilling chops, but it’ll up his chef appearance, and looking good is half of cooking good … right?

So, now that you’ve got a better picture (there’s a dad pun right there for you) of what photo gift ideas to give dad this Father’s Day, it’s time to put a little thought into which one(s) are best for your dad. But first, you need to make sure that you have the right library of digital photos to choose from. Most likely, you have a decent collection on your phone or digital camera, but if you need a little help getting some of those old Polaroid gems converted from analog to digital, we can help with our professional scanning service!

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