Top 10 Turkey Day Family Fun

Top 10 Turkey Day Family Fun

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, folks! It’s that time again when family comes around to share a delicious meal and to give thanks for all the many gifts the past year has brought.

With all the family in town for a few days, you’ll need to plan some activities that will keep everyone entertained and ready to feast!

Here’s a list of the top ten fun activities you can easily do with your family this year:


Family Scavenger Hunt

Send your relatives on a wild turkey chase! Split the players into two groups. Hide random household items around your home and give each team a list of those items (you can write riddles about the items and their locations if you’re really creative). The first team to find all the items wins!


Good Old-Fashioned Flag Football

Take the fun outside and burn off some extra energy by playing a fun game of flag football with the family. Split into two teams, and tie shirts or scarves around your waists for the “flags.” This is a great way to get the kids tired enough for bed after a long holiday.


Volunteer Together

What better way to spend Thanksgiving than to give back to the community? Take your family out of the house for a bit to volunteer. Soup kitchens and food banks are always in need around the holiday season for donations and volunteers. If you have animal lovers in the family, you can volunteer at your local animal shelter as well.


Board Game Night

Nothing beats boredom like a board game. There are so many fun games to choose from these days, whether you like strategy games or silly games. Break out all the board games you own and get the competitive spirit going. Make it into a competition and see who can rack up the most wins for the night!


S’more Fun

There’s no better way to spend an autumn evening than by a campfire. Take some time after Thanksgiving dinner to go outside and roast marshmallows by a fire. Dress them up with chocolate and graham crackers and you’ve got the perfect end to a perfect Thanksgiving. Maybe sing along to some campfire songs while you’re at it.


Apple Orchard

When the kids are feeling antsy and you need to get out and about for a little while, why not go to an apple orchard? It’s the perfect activity for families. Kids can run around the orchard trying to see who can pick the most apples while the adults can sit back and chat while strolling through the trees. What a lovely way to spend a Thanksgiving holiday!


Visit an Animal Sanctuary

Animal sanctuaries are on the rise, and thank goodness for that because that means getting to play with cute farm animals! Take the family out to an animal sanctuary to see all kinds of different animals living at a farm where they get to play, rest, eat and relax as much as they want.


Corn Maze

This Thanksgiving, instead of getting lost in the stress of preparing for the big feast, get lost in a corn maze! Corn mazes are a fun, family friendly activity that will allow you to take it slow and spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you want to step it up a notch, race your relatives to see who can finish the maze first!


Family Olympics

A little competition can make any family gathering more exciting - so why not host an Olympic competition amongst your family members? You can compete in events like sack racing and egg tossing, giving a gold medal or prize to the winner. Another similar idea would be a talent show if your family is less competitive.


Home Movie Night

Spend the Thanksgiving holiday this year remembering some of the best moments from the past with your family. Have a home movie watching party, complete with popcorn and sodas and candies galore!

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