Prepping for Black Friday
Prepping for Black Friday
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Prepping for Black Friday

By Mollee Shannon

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Black Friday is near, so the year’s best deals are waiting for you at your favorite retailers! Where to start with all of these amazing offers?

Here are some great ways to prepare for Black Friday, so you can be in and out of those crowds in a flash! 

Create a Budget 

It might be hard to pass up that random price drop you find in the store on Black Friday, so it’s important to go in with a budget in mind. Think of the items you’ve had your eye on and the gifts you still need for Christmas, and come up with a rough estimate of what you’re willing to spend! This will help you stay on track once you’re in the store and act as a good reminder that you might not need that fifth set of dinner plates! 



Check Prices Before Black Friday 

When dropping some serious cash on an item from your wishlist, you want to know that you’re getting an amazing deal. That’s why you should check the prices of items on your list before Black Friday offers come out in mailers and online. Knowing the regular price of your items will help you be sure you’re getting the best price on your items on Black Friday. If you know the tablet usually sells for $300, you’ll also know that the discount at $249 is a significant drop and the best price out there! 



Make an In-Store Game Plan 

Among the enormous crowds that are sure to turn out for Black Friday, finding your way through the store can feel a bit like a race. You’ll have a much easier time if you have a game plan. If you’re going to the store with a group, divide and conquer is a great strategy. Decide who will be responsible for each item and arrange a rendezvous point close to the register! You’ll feel a bit like covert operatives, but that’s all part of the fun! Another great strategy is to shop with reusable shopping bags. It’s hard to maneuver through the masses with a cart, so if you’re not going after anything huge, shopping bags are a great way to eliminate the bulk of a cart! 



Consider Online Shopping 

Unless you’ve got to purchase in-store to snag that excellent deal, consider online shopping. It may save time and protect your sanity! Many stores will begin Black Friday sales online before their retailers open, so you may be able to get an even better price online. Just be sure to check your circulars, since some stores do offer better prices for in-store purchases and exclusives. Also, consider Cyber Monday. Tech companies often hold their deals for the Monday after Black Friday, so you may be able to get that tablet or new laptop for a better price on Cyber Monday! 


Be Prepared to Wait 

It’s inevitable that large crowds are going to slow things down. While stores may have all hands on deck, the mass of people out shopping for exclusive deals will always cause a bit of a hang up. Adjust your expectations to prevent impatience and frustration. Consider adding a special Black Friday playlist, audiobook, podcast, or streaming app to your phone to entertain you while you wait in line. Keep some earbuds in your pocket or handbag and settle in as you wait to purchase that amazing deal. It’s worth it! 



Be Kind to Retail Workers 

It’s difficult to tolerate large crowds and masses of people vying for the same items you want. Remember that retail workers are probably experiencing the same frustrations that you are! It’s important to remember that the real joy in this season of gift-giving is coming together with family and friends! Be kind to the retail workers and cashiers, and remember that they’re taking time out of their day with family. A little kindness goes a long way, and everyone should have a great holiday! 



Don’t Take It Too Seriously 

While we’ve offered some great strategies to prep for Black Friday, remember it should be about family and fun! Do something to make your super late night or extremely early morning strategy fun! Plan to go to a cafe and grab breakfast or hot cocoa afterwards to “debrief,” or discuss your excitement over your new items and appreciate your loved ones. It’s a great way to destress, regroup, and invite in that holiday cheer

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