Digitization: The Perfect Christmas Gift
Digitization: The Perfect Christmas Gift
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Digitization: The Perfect Christmas Gift

By Christian Roemer

Christmas is hands-down the best time of the year. Houses are lit up with awesome lights, crisp temperatures are in the air, and eggnog is on the grocery store shelves. While this time of the year is unquestionably magical, it can also be a bit stressful. It seems like the perfect gift is impossible to find sometimes.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry, because we found the perfect gift for you to give your loved ones this Christmas: digitized memories! We’ll admit that we’re a little bit biased, but that doesn’t mean we’re wrong. Here’s why digitizing your family’s old pictures, videos, and audio recordings is the best give you can give this holiday season.

  1. The gift that keeps giving - Digitization services give you a way to reconnect with your past that you can revisit anytime. Unlike that sweater that you might wear one time then donate the Goodwill, you can always watch home movies and laugh.
  2. Lots of potential - Your old pictures and memories are a treasure trove of Facebook and Instagram likes. Convert those potential likes to real-world likes as soon as the gift is given!
  3. Never goes out of style - In 7th grade, I really wanted wide legged jeans. They were all the rage at the time, but now I only wear skinny jeans. See? Some things go out of style. Digital photos, videos, and recordings will always be cool--unlike Jyncos.
  4. Relive the glory days - Because Christmas time is so full of memory inducing stimuli, a single trigger will send you strolling down memory lane. Digitized home videos, slides, and pictures are perfect for reminding you just how good your life has been.
  5. Rekindle lost memories - We can’t remember everything. After all, we’re only human. Digitizing old memories will help you revisit some of the things that might have become a bit foggy with age. Although, maybe some things, like those lime green bell bottoms that you wore in the 70s, are worth leaving in the past.
  6. Also helps organize - A tangential benefit of digitizing your old memories and gifting them is that it naturally organizes your closet, attic, or basement! All of those old boxes filled with polaroids can be shipped off and cleaned up. That’s worth the price of digitization on its own.
  7. Peace of mind is priceless - We don’t ever wish the worst on anyone, but the truth is, old videos, photos, and slides are very susceptible to damage. Digitizing them will create an invaluable back-up so that you don’t ever have to worry about your memories disappearing for forever because of time, degradation, or worse.
  8. Also, memories are priceless - You can’t put a price tag on some things. The smiles and happiness that seeing old memories will bring to your family and friends are worth way more than the cost of digitization.
  9. Does anyone actually need more socks? - Look, you can always buy grandpa new socks if you want. Nobody’s going to stop you. But does he need them? Does anyone?
  10. Christmas is about family - When it comes down to it, Christmas isn’t about stuff. It isn’t about toys, cars, or Lexus December to Remember sales events. It’s about family. There’s no better way to bond with your family and rekindle why you all love each other so much than by digitizing and watching old memories together.

Again, we know that we’re biased. We digitize stuff for a living. But we also know that giving the gift of usable, reusable, and digitized photos, videos, slides, and recordings can be one of the most special gifts that you can give. Let Legacybox make this Christmas amazing by digitizing your memories and giving your family and friends a gift they’ll never forget.

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