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Five things to do with your digital prints

By Dillon Wallace

So you’ve gone digital, what’s next?

Congrats, you’ve taken your beloved old photos and digitized them. Smart move!


Now that you’ve got all your photos and slides digitized on your computer, what are you going to do with them? Lucky for you, the fun part is just getting started and you’re not short on options.


Here are 5 creative and fun things to do with your fresh set of digital duplicates.


Post & share

Throwback Thursday may have lost its steam, but you don’t need a viral hashtag to share those oldies but goodies. Dig through your new collection of digital snaps and find a few that are sure to get you some bonafide likes. Here’s a hint: embarrassing moments, awful throwback fashion, awkward family photos and cute kid pictures are sure to usher in the wave of comments and thumbs-up responses.


And if you’ve got embarrassing old photos of friends and family, feel free to use them as a blackmail bartering tool the next time you need some dirt. Just kidding … kind of.


Create a slide show

The next time you’ve got a function full of friends and family, like a reunion or birthday, direct their attention to your slideshow by sharing your digital gold mine of vintage photos/slides. It’s the perfect way to reminisce and share quality laughs about what once was. After all, who wouldn’t get a kick out of that old photo of grandpa getting a face full of pie for his birthday?


Get crafty

The best part about having digital photos is that they’re easier than ever to adjust sizing and printing. Pick your favorite pictures and either print them at home (if you’ve got a photo printer) or take them to your nearest print shop or pharmacy. They’re relatively cheap to print and you can get creative with how you want to frame them and hang them. One fun trend is to use small clothespins to hang a string of photos on your wall. The finished product is easy and looks great.


Your masterpiece

Don’t just feel limited to framing and hanging your pics. With your new digital photos, you can send them in and have them printed right onto an art canvas – creating your own masterpiece. Make it your family mantel piece or put it on the wall with all your other hanged photos as a focal point. It’s like your own personal work of art. You’ll love it and so will your guests.


Digital scrapbooking

Up your scrapbook game by going digital! Leave the mess of a traditional scrapbook behind and create your own digital piece that personalizes your precious photos. With so many templates and custom options out there, you have endless layout options, styles, designs, themes – even music. Let’s see your old scrapbook do that!


There’s so many ways to take advantage of your new digital pictures as you reclaim your glory days. Whether it’s something on this list or not, you’ll be happy that you made to move to digitally preserve your most memorable moments.

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