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6 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Home with Family Photos

By Shelby Burr

Do you have family photos of your loved ones? Past adventures? Or even accidental candids that turned out to be perfect? Well, don’t let them sit in a box somewhere! Hang them up in your home. Your family photos are special and each one carries a specific memory, so let those memories live on. Your family/friends will love seeing pictures of your grandparents, your embarrassing 2nd grade school photo and that one family picture where everyone started laughing right before it was taken. Here are some ways for you to decorate your home photos and organize your memories:


Hang Your Family Photos Strategically

Whether you want to decorate your pictures in a square, diamond or even a single row, your pictures will bring some character to your wall. Your photos can be hung in the kitchen to admire during dinner or in the living room to bring more comfort into your home.


Fill an Entire Wall

If you want to take a walk on the wild side, fill an entire wall with photos. The more miscellaneous, the better. By filling an entire area, you create an accent wall for the rest of the room. Adding different shapes and sizes of images allows more space to be filled and a creative flow of your photos. If placed in the open, this wall will be a show stopper for sure.


Make a Photo Clock

Wish you could spend every second with your family? Well, now you can! That’s right, you can create a photo clock for an awesome gift. You’ll need a hand, or two, for this project (get it?)...Place your images around in a circle to match the times of the clock and add clock hands in the center. Your images can be framed or even placed with a little sticky putty to make the job easier.


Use String

Care to step out of the norm? Another idea is to hang your memories on string! Whether the string travels to each corner of the room or you have a particular spot for your photos, this crafty idea will add some personality to your wall. Some have used a long branch to attach twine to their photos, while others have used Christmas lights and small clothes pins. This innovative idea will keep your home modern and minimalistic.


Use an Old Glass Window

If you’re looking for more of a shabby chic look, try placing your photos in an old window frame. Whether your window has glass or not doesn’t matter; it will look great! With glass, place your photos on the inside of the glass frames and put a thin, clear piece of tape around the photo’s edges.That way, it looks like your images are floating inside the window. If your window doesn’t have glass, place a small piece of string or wire across the inside of the frame and clip your images to the wire/string with a paper clip or clothespin. This will give a vintage, yet rustic feel to your home.  


Print directly on glass

Maybe you don’t have room on the wall to hang an old glass window – no problem. Circumvent the whole window motif and just print them directly onto glass! Chic and sleek, Fracture makes elegant glass prints that you can directly print your favorite memorable moments onto, brightening up your living space. With multiple sizes and shapes, it’s easy to create stunning glass prints for your digital photos that you can cherish forever. And the best part, no framing necessary!


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