How To Make An Art Collage With Extra Photos

How To Make An Art Collage With Extra Photos
Do you have a plethora of images that are put away? Out of site, out of mind? If you have doubles of your precious memories, why not make them the center of attention in your home? This craft is easy, fun and will be a hit when your family/friends come to visit. Making a collage of your photos is not only crafty, but can bring on joyful nostalgia in the process. This will be a great accent piece for your home and it will give a purpose to those unforgettable moments. Don't let those amazing photos waste away under your bed or in your attic, let them breathe and fill your home with precious memories. There are many ways to create a photo collage, but (regardless) you'll need these handy, dandy tools:
  1. Pictures
  2. Scissors
  3. Paint brush
  4. Mod Podge
  5. Finishing gloss spray
Easy, right? You can find all of these tools at your nearest craft store.

1. Collage on a Canvas

If you want to hang your collage on your hallway, bedroom or living room wall then this version of collaging is perfect for you. Purchase a canvas (of any size) at your nearest craft store. You can either cut your pictures into various sizes or keep them all the same size, over lap them together or keep them in a precise order; it's all up to you! With your Mod Podge, brush your images onto the canvas and let dry. Go over with a second coat of Mod Podge (to insure security) and let dry a second time. Lastly, spray with the finishing gloss and you're done! See, easy peasy.

2. Collage on a Letter

Nope, not an envelope letter, but a giant letter of your first or last name! You can find giant cardboard letters at your nearest craft store. Use the same steps as above. Mod Podge your images, dry, Mod Podge again and let dry a second time. Want to cover the edges of your letter? No worries. Your pictures are able to wrap around edges of your letter, especially is you have a letter that may be 2-3 inches thick. Spray with finishing spray and done! You can place this near your entry way, have it in your guest room or display on your front door like a wreath.

3. Outline Collage

This collage may call for a little extra time and effort, but boy will it look awesome once you're done. You'll need a canvas (of any size) and a pencil. This collage is great if you want to outline your favorite state, flower or even your pet. Draw the outline (Lightly!) with your pencil. Once complete, take each image that you will fill that outline with and mark where it needs to be cut. Once your images are cut in the correct shape (so your outline is completely full), Mod Podge those images onto the canvas. You'll do the same Mod Podge process and finishing process as above. This collage will be a jar dropper in your home! Making a picture collage is fun, crafty and allows your memories to be relived again and again. Your family and friends will love reminiscing over your fun art that captures the past perfectly!
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