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Hottest Holiday Gift Guide
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Hottest Holiday Gift Guide

By Dillon Wallace

Christmas is about showing appreciation for loved ones. Which is why your friends and family will appreciate any of these awesome holiday gifts.


So, if you need it, give yourself a little hand picking out that something special for that someone special with this year’s hottest holiday gift guide (in no particular order of hotness …).


Activity trackers/Fitness bands

Whether it’s because it actually helps you get moving or guilts you into thinking you should get moving, activity trackers are super in right now. If you want to spring for a high end model, check out the Fitbit Versa or Apple Series 4 smart watches. If you’re looking for a more economical option, check out the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker.


FIXD – car device and app

Nobody likes taking their car to the mechanic. Now, maybe you don’t have to, well, at least not as often. FIXD is a device that plugs into your car’s computer system (slot below your car’s steering wheel) and sends your car’s diagnostics to your phone. So the next time that check engine light comes on, you’ll know why and how severe the problem is, sans mechanic.


Mobile lens kit

Almost everyone has a smart phone nowadays, so it makes sense why there are so many gifts centered around that lifeline. The mobile lens kit is no exception. Up your camera phone game for next year!


3Doodler Printing Pen

Discover the evolution of doodling with this futuristic 3D writing pen. Take creativity to a whole new level – literally – without being confined to the constructs of a pen and pad.



Keys … they’re bulky, loud and just an all-around nuisance most of the time. But with Keysmart you no longer have to deal with the pains that come with toting your keys around. All your keys neatly fold into the Keysmart hub for better organizing and less headache.


EcoGreen Charcoal bags

Whether you’ve got a bag full of stinky gym clothes or a teenager’s closet that isn’t safe for the nose, the EcoGreen Charcoal bag can help relieve the stench for up to two years with its purifying power. Plus, it’s environmentally safe – yay!


Nintendo Switch

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed game junkie or you’re looking for a great console for your kids, the Nintendo Switch has it all including huge hits like Zelda Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Oh yeah, and a little game coming out this December called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate … all of Nintendo’s (and a few other gaming icons’) most beloved characters go head to head in a party frenzy beat ‘em up brawl.



Yes, the same classic, blocked toys you played with as a kid have made quite a little resurgence over the last few years with some truly spectacular kits. Check out the Robot Building Set or the Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall kit for starters. Who knows, maybe it’ll get you feeling like a kid again, too.


Mobile Projector

Long gone are the days of big, bulky projectors that cost an arm and a leg. Today, customers can get a nice, sleek smart projector (like this one) – loaded with your favorite viewing apps for under $100. Use it to simulate an outdoor backyard drive-in viewing experience or as your main TV, it’s up to you!



Give the gift of memory … well, nostalgia to be more specific. With Legacybox, you can take your fading and forgotten family photos, video, film and audio tapes and turn them into digital keepsakes that won’t deteriorate with time. Share them, watch them – enjoy them – for generations and generations to come.


This Christmas, ditch the dress socks and hokey white elephant gifts and give something that will really wow! Because it’s the thought that counts … but the gift really helps seal the sentiment.

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