Travel Abroad Without Leaving the US
Travel Abroad Without Leaving the US
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Travel Abroad Without Leaving the US

By Christian Roemer

Chinatown, San Francisco, CA

There’s no cultural hotspot more famous than Chinatown in San Francisco. Like traveling to China itself, Chinatown truly feels like a completely different world. You enter the famous city blocks through a traditional Chinese gate, and you’re instantly met with shops, restaurants, and art that you’d expect to see in Shanghai. Best of all, the people are incredibly friendly and ready to share their vibrant and amazing slice of heaven with you. Chinatown rocks!


Little Italy - New York, NY

One of the largest historical migrant communities in New York, Little Italy is the place to go if you’re looking for some European-inspired fun. Located in Manhattan, the restaurants are unreal, the culture is awesome, and of course, the pizza is world-famous. This option is almost a twofer for the cultural connoisseur because it’s right next to another famous cultural neighborhood: Chinatown, NY!


Greektown - Baltimore, MD

I love a good gyro. Weirdly enough, hummus is my two-year-old’s favorite food, and I could eat grape leaves until I turned green. Greek culture is ancient. It was the founder of democracy. We still learn about its philosophy and religion in school thousands of years later. Their patented blue color is one of my favorite colors in the world. In short, Greece is a great place. Greektown in Baltimore is the closest you can get to the Aegean Sea without leaving the lower 48.


Germany - Leavenworth, WA

My dad is German, so I’m incredibly picky about German restaurants. There’s nothing quite like a giant schnitzel, smothered in gravy, and served with a heaping side of fries. Some places in the USA get close, but it’s hardly replicated. That’s not the case in Leavenworth. This place is Germany through and through. It even has a giant nutcracker museum! It really doesn’t get any more Deutsch than that.


Little Tokyo - Los Angeles

Home of the largest Japanese population in the United States, Little Tokyo is where to go if you want to get some Kanji in your life. To say that the relation between Americans and Japanese wasn’t always so peachy would be a massive understatement. That makes the existence of Little Tokyo even more astounding. A thriving business district was just one feature of this vibrant community that almost disappeared completely during WW II. Nowadays, you can find museums, shops, restaurants, and even a Buddhist Temple. And you don’t even have to learn Hiragana to visit!

Because the USA is so big, and people settled here from all over the globe, some really cool traditional spots exist. Almost every little town has pockets of folks who have stuck together since leaving their homelands. Most are happy to share their culture with others. Just remember to be respectful, and you’ll be surprised at all the amazing experiences you can have learning about the beautiful diversity of our wonderful country.

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