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Top US Travel Spots in 2019

By Katy Sommerfeld

2019 is behind us and the promises of 2020 await. While we may be looking forward to the new year ahead of us with anticipation and motivation, the past year brought lots of great experiences that should be celebrated, too, as we ring in the new decade.

One thing 2019 brought us was great top travel destinations.
In 2019, the top travel destinations in the United States were a variety of places, ranging from national parks to beaches to historic small towns and more. Millions of people, domestic and international visitors alike, visited these must-see places and had the time of their lives doing it. Let’s take a look at some of these getaways and relive the experiences we had while traveling this past year!


Savannah, Georgia

The sweet, southern atmosphere of Savannah, Georgia stole the hearts of so many travelers in 2019. With its perfectly manicured downtown area, the grandeur of stately Southern mansions, and the gorgeous, giant oaks with Spanish moss hanging from their limbs, it isn’t hard to see why Savannah is at the top of our list. Savannah is known for its southern, artsy culture, and beautiful beaches. With activities like shopping in the Paris Market, sight-seeing at the Wormsloe historic site, and ghost tours, Savannah has something for everyone.


Portland, Oregon

Thanks to comedians and shows like Portlandia, there are a lot of presuppositions about the Pacific Northwestern town. The city’s mantra, “keep Portland weird,” may turn off more typical travelers. But who wants to be normal? Portland is for the artists, the creatives, those traveling who desire to experience the unknown and step out of their comfort zones. Portland is a haven for romantics and a safe-place for the avant-garde. With its eclectic art and music scene and the gorgeous scenery of Mount Hood, Portland is the place to go if you long for a vacation where you can experience rest and excitement at the same time. 


Austin, Texas

The Texas capital is changing, and fast. In the last two decades, Austin has seen a rise in young entrepreneurs, artists, and other professionals, making it a supportive, creative hub in the state. The culture is reflective of this trend, and inclusivity is what Austin is all about. Plus, with to-die-for Tex-Mex and charming boutiques, what’s not to love? The contemporary art scene is growing every day, and the nightlife is beloved by locals and tourists alike. It’s obvious why Austin made our list. 


Brooklyn, New York

Everyone knows Brooklyn is a must-see borough when visiting New York. In the past couple of years, Brooklyn has become a staple for travelers and a paradise for the modern, young locals of New York.  Its got traditional New York sight-seeing with places like Coney Island and the Brooklyn Bridge, and contemporary, upbeat vibes. In 2019, people all over were dying to check Brooklyn out. Whether you’re looking for the classic New York tourism trip or you want something a little more underground, Brooklyn has got you covered. 


Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is the up and coming Southern must-see city, and it’s not necessarily for the music! People these days are flocking to Nash-Vegas for the amazing cuisines, nightlife, and boutique shopping that the Tennessee city promises. Sure, there’s still the music, the performances, the entertainment, but Nashville is becoming a hip and modern city in Dixie for all its quirks and its fun-for-all atmosphere. Check out the Ryman auditorium and see some shows downtown, but while you’re there, make sure you do some thrifting and boutique shopping on 21st avenue and 12 south. 

In 2019, each of these cities saw a lot of tourism, and we picked them as some of our top travel spots of the year because of their respective cultures and up-and-coming atmospheres. These cities are really embracing their quirks and what makes them unique, and tourists are paying attention. These cities are likely to still be top picks for travelers in 2020, but it’s fun to wonder what cities may make the list next year! We’ll have to wait and see. 

Where are you traveling to in the new year?

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