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What is an E-Deal? How Does it Work?

By Mollee Shannon

If your friend or loved one has a special event coming up, we have the perfect gift for them.

The gift of digitizing an analog media collection is a gift that keeps on giving! 
Legacybox offers 4 digitizing kits, but did you know those aren't our only products? Legacybox also offers the convenient E-Deal. Essentially, an E-Deal is a instantly emailed and ready to print voucher that you can purchase as a gift (or for yourself!) 

How Does an E-Deal Work?

When you purchase an E-Deal, it acts as a voucher that can be redeemed for a Legacybox kit and it includes the very simple and easily shareable Digital Download. Once you’ve added the deal to your cart and checked out, you’ll be instantly emailed your Legacybox E-Deal with a discount code unique to you. You can simply forward this to your friend or family member, or if you’d like to send your gift via Snail Mail, you can print and include the e-Deal in a card or letter! The E-Deal is super convenient, because it gives the recipient ample time to organize their media collection and decide when they want to send in their media! 

Tips for Redeeming an E-Deal

E-deals can be redeemed at the Legacybox site. If you’ve purchased one of our awesome E-Deals for yourself, you may find that the purchase takes a short time to sync with our system. If you do find that your E-Deal code takes a few minutes to become active, no worries! It may take a short time to sync, but your code should be active in no more than 15 minutes! Also, keep in mind that the number of items on the E-Deal must match the number of items on the Legacybox kit being purchased. For example, if your E-Deal is valid for 10 items, be sure you order the 10-item Family Box when redeeming your deal. Don’t forget to factor in shipping when the E-deal is redeemed. 

Why an E-Deal Rocks 

Safety is our number one priority, so when a voucher is redeemed, we’ll send barcode stickers, with a unique order number for all media items, to be scanned as the media moves through our state-of-the-art digitizing facility.  Once the media is digitized, there’s no waiting to receive a package with discs or a thumb drive (rest assured, Legacybox will send the originals back!). The cloud page containing the digitized files will be emailed shortly after one of our highly trained technicians uploads the content!  



We know you may have questions about purchasing and redeeming an E-Deal. We are, of course, on standby to assist you. Our excellent Customer Service team is here to help answer all of your questions and provide status updates, as requested. As always, happy digitizing!

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