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Where Should You Travel Next?

By Katy Sommerfeld

The holiday season is upon us, and as the famed song says, “Gee, the traffic is terrific!” We assume you get the obvious sarcasm in that statement. 

Despite the packed interstates and airports, there’s no place like home for the holidays. Or is there?
Many families and individuals are now opting to go on vacation over the holidays, and one can totally understand why. The cold, dark days of winter can really get you down, and there’s no cure for the winter blues like a little sunshine! That’s why so many people are flying to tropical islands and other sunny destinations around this time of year.


If you are among the many who are looking for a quick escape to a summer-like paradise in the midst of a frozen winter, look no further! We’ve got the perfect travel destinations for you for the season. 


Gustavia, St. Barts

This winter, why not travel to the French-speaking Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy? The capital, Gustavia, is home to one of the island’s most famously beautiful beaches, Shell Beach. Its crystal blue waters and shell-covered sand make it one of the most paradisical places on Earth. Hop along to each of St. Barts’ islands to experience the perfect island journey. 


Corfu, Greece

Off the coast of Greece lives an island called Corfu, in all its mystical beauty. While Santorini gets most of the attention, Corfu lies close by, a lesser-known but equally beautiful destination. Take a private sightseeing tour to become acquainted with the island. Maybe go to the island’s winery at Theotoky Estate. Just make sure you bring a swimsuit to explore that magnificent water. 


Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Located in the central Pacific, the island of Oahu is home to Hawaii’s capital, Honolulu, and has plenty of gorgeous island sceneries. In Oahu, you can play all day, surfing and swimming and rafting your cares away. Visit Diamond Head volcano if you’re adventurous, or go to the Pearl Harbor museum if you’re a history buff. There’s something for everyone in Oahu.


Krabi, Thailand

Krabi hosts the famed Railay beach, a sprawling, crystal blue water beach that looks picture perfect. Hire a boat guide and go on a journey through huge boulders in the water, go to Thung Teao National Forest, or just laze around on the beach all day. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll find relaxation in Krabi.


Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The Raja Ampat archipelago in Indonesia is probably in the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Just look at a picture if you don’t believe us! Its water is stunning, and the greenery atop each small island pairs well with the azure sea. Go explore the reefs off Cape Kri and view some of the most amazing wildlife. See the unbelievable Painamo Star Lagoon. Raja Ampat is waiting for you!

Would you travel to any of these destinations? Try one of them out this winter! You won’t be disappointed. The beauty in these five locations is unmatched. Take an island getaway this winter. Make sure you take lots of pictures to remember the amazing views and experiences!

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