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Will Legacybox Put My Items in Chronological Order?

By Katy Aguayo

When ordering your first Legacybox, you’ll probably have a couple of questions as to how our digitization process works.

One common question we get from our customers is whether or not we will digitize and put media in chronological order.
Organizing memories in chronological order is important to many of our customers, and so we have a method of ensuring that some forms of media can come back post-digitization in chronological order.


With Legacybox’s barcoding system, you can successfully organize your tapes and films chronologically so that once they are digitized they will be returned to you in order. 

When you receive your Legacybox in the mail, there will be a barcode sticker inside for each piece you plan on digitizing. These barcode stickers will be labelled numerically, so whichever piece of media you want to be first, label it with barcode sticker #1 and so on. When your packed Legacybox arrives back at our warehouse, our technicians will begin digitizing your media in the order they are barcoded. The end result is a digital file with all your most precious memories in chronological order.

The only exception to this provision is for photographs. At Legacybox, we digitize memories by the piece. We consider 25 photographs one “piece” of media - therefore, when you send us your photos for digitization, you’ll have to separate them into groups of 25 which will each get their own barcode.

You may be thinking, “Couldn’t I just organize the 25 photographs within each set chronologically, too?” You can do this; however, the photographs could potentially shift around in transit depending on how securely they are packed inside the Legacybox. There is no way for our technicians to know whether the photographs are still in the correct order after receiving them from the mail. So with photographs, it’s not as simple to try and get them digitized chronologically.

In short, you CAN organize most media using Legacybox barcodes so that they are digitized in chronological order. At Legacybox, we want to ensure the best possible service and we are happy to have a system in which you can organize your media chronologically, if you so choose. 

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