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Will Legacybox Keep my Original Memories?

By Christian Roemer

A question that we get quite often here at Legacybox isn’t about the digitization process itself, but rather, what happens to your memories--your pictures, tapes, and film--when we’re done? We love that questions because it’s so easy to answer.

We send everything back to you just like it came to us!

It’s true. When you send us your Legacybox, we don’t keep any of your things to ourselves. When the package arrives to us in the mail, we set it up for digitization, run your memories through our machines, lovingly pack them back up, and mail them back to you. It’s really that simple.

But you’re here to learn, so let’s get into the weeds a little bit. Now you know that we don’t keep your memories for ourselves so that we can sell on the black market or something. What do we do with your memories when you ship them to us? We’re glad you asked, because it’s our favorite thing in the world.

Our process basically breaks down into 5 simple steps:

  1. Order your box
  2. Pack your box
  3. Ship us your box
  4. We digitize your box
  5. We send your box back with the digital files

Pretty simple. But I like being complicated, so let’s talk about each of those in a little bit more detail, shall we?

Step 1: Order your box.

This is the fun part. You tell us how much stuff you’d like us to digitize, and you place an order with us. Then, we’ll send you a specially-made box that will keep your pictures, tapes, and film safe in its travels to us. Bonus points if you create custom labels for your DVDs!

Step 2: Pack your box.

When you receive our special shipping container in the mail, you’ll gather up all of your memories and label them for the journey. We’ll send you unique UPC barcodes that will stick onto each piece that you send our way. It might seem like overkill, but by labeling everything you send us, we can provide you with up-to-the-minute updates.

Step 3: Ship us your box.

This step is easy. Once you’ve put all of your properly labeled memories in our packaging, you’ll drop the box off at a UPS shipping location. Easy peasy.

Step 4: We digitize your stuff.

Once we receive your box in the mail, we unpack everything and tenderly, gently, lovingly digitize all of your memories. Our industrial machines are tailor made to keep all of your photos and videos safe while we convert them into easily usable and shareable files. Remember those UPCs that you labeled everything with? Every time we put something into a machine or take it out, we scan the UPC, so you know exactly where all of your tapes, films, and pictures are at all times. I call that peace of mind.

Step 5: We ship your box back to you.

This is the truly fun part. Once we’ve digitized all of your files, we pack them all back up, slap a shipping label on the return package, and send everything back to you with the thumb drive and/or DVD, depending on which one you ordered. When it shows up on your front door (or preferred delivery location), you’ll receive all of your originals plus the digital storage device in one convenient box.

That’s it! We don’t keep any of your things to ourselves. We’re just handlers, passing your memories through machines and sending them back to you safe and sound. Sure, we provide unmatched digitization and customer service that would make Amazon blush, but we also provide peace of mind. Your memories are some of your most prized possessions. We understand that, which is why we keep you updated the whole way, and always send everything back to you just how we found it.

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