5 Crazy Fun Facts About Daydreaming
5 Crazy Fun Facts About Daydreaming
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5 Crazy Fun Facts About Daydreaming

By Shelby Burr
Scenario: You're in the middle of class, or at an important meeting, and you're paying attention. Then, far off in the distance you hear someone saying your name. It's your teacher/boss! What just happened? How long did you zone out for? What did they just say 5 minutes ago? Yep, daydreaming. We've all been there! Sometimes your mind escapes to a distant land and you completely miss what's going on. Daydreaming is something we all do, but how/why does it happen? Check out these amazing facts about daydreaming...and then you can daydream about how you daydream...

You Turn Off Parts of Your Brain

When you daydream, certain parts of your brain hone in on creating that thought, while other parts become less active than usual. Your mind is generating a scenario and requires more empathy. While your generating thoughts that need more empathy, your analytical side of thinking takes a mild break to let your mind explore.

It Makes You More Creative

When you daydream, it's almost as if you are creating your own short play. You're creating the setting, dialogue, clothing, people, etc. Your mind cycles through different parts of the brain to access information that was dormant. In your own mini-play, you are generating possibilities or outcomes you may have never considered during a certain moment. 

14 Seconds

Okay, so you've zoned out for more than 5 minutes before, right? False! Did you know that when you daydream, it only lasts up to 14 seconds? Sure, it may seem like you drifted away for quite a while, but daydreaming doesn't last that long.

Are You Blinking?

Have you ever noticed that when you zone out, you tend to not blink? Blinking is a subconscious action, but it can be taken over when your mind is focusing on other priorities. During daydreaming, your brain's priority is to generate and create that thought. Daydreaming usually completely consumes your thought processes because you're basically creating a world within your head! That's asking a lot of your mind, so it may take the time to pause on the blinking and finish the dreaming.

As You Get Older...

It is believed that as you get older you daydream less. Psychologist believe daydreaming is often about anticipating the future and/or planning your future. As you get older, the future becomes more of a reality and there is less anticipation. Your mind does incredible and amazing things. Daydreaming is a fun, creative and relaxing outlet for when your brain needs a little break.
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