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Analog VS. Digital

By Katy Sommerfeld

Look around your house and find that old shoebox of photographs, tapes, and films hiding in the closet.

What do you notice about them?

How are they different from photos and videos recorded on your smartphone?


Those print photographs, tapes, and films are analog media, whereas the photos and videos on your phone are digital. But what makes this so?

Analog vs. Digital

In analog media, the subject is captured in its original form. For example, in analog recording when someone sings into a microphone, those sound waves are taken directly from the microphone and recorded onto tape or vinyl. If the recording process was digital, the sound waves from the person’s voice would be translated into a stream of numbers which represent all the nuance in the singing. In short, analog media is recorded directly and digital indirectly. 

For analog film and photography, media is recorded via light interacting with photosensitive silver particles, creating an image of what the lens has captured onto film. In digital film and photography light is still captured by the camera, but instead of silver particles a sensor picks up the light and translates it into a sequence of numbers. Each pixel is given a number, which reflects the color, exposure, and more of the image.

Which is Better?

Analog media is still widely used today in film and music production. Many believe that the sound quality of vinyl is better than digital recordings, and there are countless movies being shot today on film. However, analog media has a lifespan. Films, tapes, and photographs are materials that degrade over time and can become damaged beyond return. This is why digitization is so important. Through transferring analog media to digital, we can preserve the recordings forever and also duplicate them with the same quality as the original. 

Digitization with Legacybox

Through Legacybox, you can get your most special analog memories transferred to digital in just a few short weeks. Our professional digitization technicians will handle each piece of analog media with care and make sure that each transfer comes out looking as best as possible. Don’t let your analog media degrade until it’s gone - digitize it so you can enjoy your memories for years to come!

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