Analog Vs. Digital: Comparing Two Media Types
Analog Vs. Digital: Comparing Two Media Types
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Analog Vs. Digital: Comparing Two Media Types

By Katy Sommerfeld

Look around your house and find that old shoebox of photographs, tapes, and films hiding in the closet.

What do you notice about them?

How are they different from photos and videos recorded on your smartphone?


Those print photographs, tapes, and films are analog media, whereas the photos and videos on your digital camera are digital. But is one better than the other?

Analog vs Digital Cameras

First, let’s look at the difference between analog cameras and digital cameras. These distinctions are important to learn about because they can influence the kinds of photos you take. Is one method better than the other?

Digital Cameras

A digital camera produces an image digitally. This means the pictures you take are produced digitally by electronic photodetectors inside the camera and stored digitally on a memory card. Digital cameras use liquid crystal displays (LCD) to help users see their subjects. For faster moving subjects digital cameras also have a viewfinder. 


Digital cameras are more cost effective due to the scalability of digital camera production and digital storage. Digital cameras are easier to manufacture than their analog counterparts making them far more economical than some expensive high end analog cameras. Digital cameras also use memore cards that can store hundreds or even thousands of images at a time. The biggest cost of a digital camera is the camera itself, beyond that you won’t need to buy additional accessories to get the best results. 

Film Cameras

Depending on who you ask, Analog cameras can produce better images than digital cameras. However the main difference with an analog camera is that it uses film to store images. You’re limited to the amount of photos you can take. As a photographer you won’t get instant feedback as to whether the images are good or not until the film is developed. 


You may be able to save some money on the front end but you’ll have to spend money on film development by either learning how to do it yourself or using a service to develop your camera film for you.

Film Image Quality

Compared to digital images, film photography is better with capturing certain details that are missed using digital photography. For example, black and white photography will look more natural and have a sharper image quality than if produced digitally. Although film cameras are used less and less, the technology itself doesn’t become outdated with new film technology, therefore, you won’t need to upgrade and buy a new camera every few years. Finally, most film cameras will use double A batteries which can be found anywhere which makes switching batteries a simple task.

Which is Better?

Analog media is still widely used today in film and music production. Many believe that the sound quality of vinyl is better than digital recordings, and there are countless movies being shot today on film. However, analog media has a lifespan. Films, tapes, and photographs are materials that degrade over time and can become damaged beyond return. This is why digitization is so important. Through transferring analog media to digital, we can preserve the recordings forever and also duplicate them with the same quality as the original. 

Digitization with Legacybox

Through Legacybox, you can get your most special analog memories transferred to digital in just a few short weeks. Our professional digitization technicians will handle each piece of analog media with care and make sure that each transfer comes out looking as best as possible. Don’t let your analog media degrade until it’s gone - digitize it so you can enjoy your memories for years to come!

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