Can You Digitize My Antique Photos?
Can You Digitize My Antique Photos?
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Can You Digitize My Antique Photos?

By Shelby Burr

Did you recently inherit some antique photos in piles of shoe boxes from your family’s past and you’re wondering if it’s possible to scan them and have digital photo versions forever? Well, we have some great news for you! We can help digitize your family photos so that you can relive your special memories again and again. 

But before we go into the best method for scanning old photos and digitizing them, we’ll discuss some alternative options.

3 Best Ways to Scan Old Photos

1. Flatbed Scanner (Most Expensive)

To get the best quality scan, you’ll want to use a flatbed scanner if you want to digitize your images on your own. There are specific scanners made for photos which tend to be more expensive but produce a high quality digital image.

We prefer this method over using a smartphone or an app but the upfront investment may be too much for some people if this is only going to be a one time project. Some benefits to converting your old photos into digital copies include:

  • Control over photo organization
  • Digitization quality
  • Multiple storage options
  • Lower likelihood of damage

Although scanning old photos at home can be time consuming and expensive, it can be fun to relive your old memories and control the entire process yourself. Some popular brands of photo scanners that come in a variety of price points include Kodak, Epson and Canon. 

2. Phone Apps (Least Expensive)

An argument can be made that android and apple phones can do everything, especially digitizing old photographs. Although this method is simple and cost effective, it doesn’t produce the best results. The first method is to simply take a photo of your old family photos with your phone’s camera. This isn’t considered scanning, but it will digitize your old media.  You’ll have a glare on the image or a background element you don’t want. If you’re going to use your phone, use a phone app. 

Modern smartphones come with the ability to scan documents and photos. The result is a digital copy of your physical image. If your phone doesn’t have the functionality built in then you will need to download an app. The only downside to using a photo scanning app is the quality of the scan is lower than a flatbed scanner. If you decide to print the digital photo in the future, the quality wouldn’t be high.  Some apps we recommend include: 

  • Google PhotoScan
  • Microsoft Lens
  • Adobe Scan

Each one of these apps offers unique functionality and the ability to digitize old family photos and share them online. 

3. Use Legacybox (Best of Both)

If you’re looking for an affordable option that’s simple, consider using our photo scanning service.  At Legacybox, we want to keep the process easy and simple. All you have to do is send in your photos and we will take care of the rest. Once you purchase, we will ship a Legacybox to your home. When you open your box, you will follow the instructions for shipping your photos and labeling with barcodes! Once everything is organized, fill your box and ship it back with the return shipping label!

When your Legacybox arrives at our headquarters, we will digitize your family photos by hand and with care! Your memories are important and they matter to us! Once everything is digitized to a thumb drive, DVD or made available via digital download from our secure cloud storage system, Legacybox will send your original physical photos back with all your new digital files!


So, now that you know the process, you’re probably wondering about image sizing. We all have family photos that vary in different sizes. With Legacybox, we have plenty of options to preserve your images. Nothing is too small! We’ve had customers send 1x1 photos before (so small!). The largest we can digitize is 8.5x11 inches. So, bring on all the sizes in between and we will digitize your memories safely. 


Once you have your original photos back along with your new digitized images, it’s time to share! You can download your images and edit them anyway you like. You can create digital photo albums and scrapbooks, share them with your family members, print and frame them in your home or you can even share files via email and text with your family and friends. 

Consider digitizing your photos today!

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