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Creative Ways to Design A Coffee Table Photo Book

By Elaine Elliott

Need ideas for what to do with your old photos? Now that you’ve digitized them with Legacybox, a photo book is a great way to use old photos or the digital copies.


A photo book on your coffee table sparks conversation and reminds you of all the great memories you and your family have had over the years! One big plus is all your old photographs are actually viewable rather than stored away in a dusty box.


You might be wondering, what is a photo book? A photo book is similar to a scrapbook but with a hard cover binding like a coffee table book. The majority of the content is photographs showcasing a particular event or family album.


A lot of people make photo books online now with websites like Shutterfly and Mixbook. But you can also make one yourself using a hardcover blank book from your craft store.


Before you get started, check out some of these suggestions for creative ways to design a coffee table photo book.


Annual Photo Books

Make a photo book each year and have the year listed on the binding for easy organization on the book shelf. This is a fun way to see how your loved ones have grown and it makes for a great gift at the end of the year during the holidays.


Pet Photo Books

Make a photo book dedicated to your furry friend. You probably have a ton of photos of your pet, might as well organize these pictures in one space! These books are also sentimental for once your pet passes away. You’ll know that even when they’re gone, you have a beautiful archive to remember your fondest memories.


Quoted Photo Book

Include poems or quotes next to each photo to add extra sentiment to each page. The passages can reflect a certain place or destination you visited in the photographs, or be a quote from one of your favorite books or movies.


Polaroid Photo Book

If you have a bunch of polaroid photos stowed away, put them on display with a mini square-shaped photo book. Each page can be dedicated to its own polaroid. The small book is great for the coffee table, but also other nooks and crannies throughout your home like decorative wall shelves and bathrooms.


Panoramic Photo Book

Once you digitize your photos, showing off full-page panoramic scenes will look stunning in a book with longer width. For the most dramatic effect, have a professional photo book website make sure the photos “bleed” off the edges and don’t show any white borders. Sweeping panoramic shots are ideal for displaying landscapes, big wedding parties, or family reunions.

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