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DVDs & CDs: What’s the Difference?

By Dillon Wallace

Movies vs. Music

Whether you were old enough to remember the days that DVDs and CDs reigned as entertainment royalty in the 90s and early 2000s, you’re more than likely familiar that DVDs were for movies and CDs were for music.

But do you know why? What exactly is the difference between the two formats?

Let’s find out.


The Biggest Difference

Perhaps the most obvious difference between DVDs and CDs is the amount of storage between the two. DVDs (or Digital Versatile Disc), while an older bit of technology, are still used today to store large amounts of data (approx. 4.7 GB) and high definition material, like Blu-ray content. CDs (or Compact Disc) on the other hand are essentially obsolete software that stored moderate amounts of data (approx. 700 MB). When you think about it, a DVD has to store audio and video content, whereas a CD merely stores audio content (with availability for minor video playback).


Storage, Price and More

The nearly six times extra storage of the DVD is the main differentiator between the two. CDs had their short heyday before the DVD hit the market, and since most music albums can fit easily onto a CD, it became the norm for storing tunes. The CD also supported some of the earlier computer games on CD-ROM. Although CDs are the cheaper technology to produce and sell, it couldn’t hold a torch to the DVD when it made its arrival in the late 90s.



Did you know that you can play most CDs in a DVD player? The tracks will simply play through your TV’s speakers just like a CD player. However, you can’t play a DVD in a CD player. I know what you’re thinking, “Of course you can’t! There’s no TV to show the video content.” Well, that’s obvious, but you can’t even play the audio from a DVD via a CD player. And if you’re thinking about sticking a VHS tape into your DVD player … good luck with that.


Speaking of tapes and cassettes, at Legacy Box we can help preserve your most memorable moments whether it’s audio or video content onto CDs and DVDs, respectively. That’s right, all your photos, old videos and more can be easily digitized and preserved onto a CD or DVD, because unlike film in a VHS tape or cassette, they don’t degrade over time.

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