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Holiday Highlight Reel

By Elaine Elliott

‘Tis the season to digitize your memories! Is your household full of old albums and photo collections? There’s no better way to surprise the family then with a slideshow of their favorite memories. We have several ideas for holiday highlight reels we want to share with you.

So sit back, grab some eggnog, and take notes because you’re about to create the best highlight reel your family has ever seen!

5 Highlight Reel Themes: 

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Think of this as the equivalent to slideshows at graduation ceremonies. A #tbt slideshow can take on many shapes or forms. It could be a general overview of the past few generations within your family, or a flashback to previous holidays. You can include a mix of portraits, scenic vacation photos, or screenshots of important documents like diplomas and love letters.


Then and Now

Have you noticed how all your friends on social media are posting pictures of themselves in 2009 vs now? What if you created a slideshow with the same theme? This idea will get the family laughing when they see the side-by-side comparisons of everyone’s transformations. Find a photo of grandpa as a kid to put next to his wedding pictures. Or post a baby photo in one slide, make everyone guess who it is, and then reveal a recent picture of the same family member on the next slide. Before you know it, you just created a fun game for the whole household!


A 2019 Recap

Now that it’s so easy to capture memories right at our fingertips with phones, take advantage of the opportunity by making a 2019 recap reel. From January to December, post everyone’s fondest memories. You can get creative by sharing Snapchat or Instagram stories that made everyone laugh months ago. Another option is highlighting world news, cultural events, or infamous memes to overview the whole year within one presentation. At the end of the reel, you can ask everyone to make a New Year’s resolution to share with the family.


Visual Family Tree

A family tree can be complicated to organize, so why not make a visual slideshow to lessen the confusion? In addition, you’ll be grateful you spent time documenting your lineage history, and your family will cherish the slideshow as a keepsake. If anyone in your family has taken a DNA test, you can share the results on this reel too!


Family Trivia

Who shook hands with a celebrity? Who went bungee jumping? Who is color blind? Discover all the secrets your family members have been hiding! This is a fun interactive slideshow that doesn’t take much time to create. All you have to do is ask everyone attending the family gathering to email or text you fun facts about themselves. Then put these facts on the presentation, make everyone guess who it is, and reveal the individual by showing his or her photo on the next slide. The reel is bound to spark funny conversations during dinner!


Now that you have some ideas, it’s time to sort through your photo albums and digitize the memories you want in your holiday reel (don’t worry, we can help). Once you start to assemble your photos together, you’ll figure out the best theme for your reel. The creation process is the most meaningful aspect to any slideshow. Enjoy the opportunity to cherish family memories and surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable holiday treat.

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