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Home Video Tape Restoration
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Home Video Tape Restoration

By Dillon Wallace

If you were like most 80s and 90s children, then you probably grew up with your dad following the family around with a video camera, capturing every family vacation moment, little league game, recital and birthday party – you name it.


At the time, you’d have given anything to not have your strikeout permanently recorded on video, but as you look back now, you realize just how valuable those memories are to have – even the family vacation one where you’re all awkwardly wearing matching “We’re the Millers” shirts.


Damaged Tapes

But that was 20 years ago, and do you know what happens to VHS videos once they pass the 15-year mark? They start to deteriorate. After all, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, MiniDV tapes, and the like are all recorded on magnetic tape that is susceptible to the ire of father time. 


Compound that race against the clock with decades worth of normal wear and tear, dust, mold build-up, and improper storage, and you’ve got a real problem  on your hands.


Your best option seems to be tape restoration services to restore your VHS memories. This helps avoid having to find a VCR for the old videocassettes. Even after all of that work, the VHS playback won’t have the best quality. 


But don’t worry! If you’ve got a trunk full of old VHS tapes, MiniDVs, 8mm film and no VHS player , there’s a simple solution to your race against the clock dilemma, digitization!

$9 tape transfer offer 

Video Transfer Services

With our digitization service, we can bring your analog media into today’s digital world. It’s easy, convenient and hassle-free. Simply load up one of our crush-proof boxes with any and all of your old home film and tapes you want preserved, and we’ll do the rest. 


Our team of qualified professionals will take your home movies and convert it to DVD, thumb drive and/or the cloud. We’ll even provide updates and tracking information along the entire video conversion process so you know exactly what’s happening to your precious memories along the way. 


We convert thousands of video tapes and films in our studio every day because we know how special those memories are to you and your family.


So what are you waiting for? Time is of the essence! Send in your videos and film, and we’ll get to digitizing. Our restoration process will convert your childhood memories into sharable digital formats.


Instead of tackling this yourself, let us take care of everything for you. Take advantage of our $9 per tape offer today, and we'll help you preserve those precious memories before they fade away.

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