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How Can I Watch VHS Tapes Without a VCR?

By Dillon Wallace

Picture this. 


You’re back home at your parents’ house because your mom successfully guilt tripped you on the phone about how you never come to visit anymore, even though you were just home last month. As she’s showing you the latest potted plant addition to her growing (literally and literally) collection, your dad is fumbling around in the closet trying to hang your coat. And that’s when you see it! An old, battered cardboard box with “Home Movies” sprawled across the side.


You ask your dad about it, and in typical dad fashion, he’s oblivious to its entire existence. So, you pull it out yourself and dive in to find a treasure trove of all your family’s old VHS tapes. Each one meticulously labeled (thanks, mom) –– everything from your 7th grade battle of the bands performance to your sister’s ballet recital to the whole family vacation at the Grand Canyon and more. It’s hours and hours of memories. But as you dig through the box, you don’t spot a VCR among the VHS tape collection! And thanks to showing your parents the beauty of Netflix a few years ago, they no longer have the old clunky VCR anymore. And it’s 2021, so you never even owned one yourself.


So, what are you to do? How can you relive these VHS tapes full of memories without a VCR?


No fear, Legacybox is here.


In three easy steps, Legacybox can help you relive your glory days while preserving the past. Just take that trove of old VHS tapes and pack them in one of our pre-paid, self-mailer boxes (depending on how many tapes you’re sending in) and ship it off. From there, our team of professional digitizers will get to work converting your old VHS tapes, while providing personalized updates along the process. Then, in a couple weeks, you’ll receive all your old tapes back along with shiny new digitized formats, including cloud download, thumb drive or DVDs.


And now you’ve got a reason to come back home, besides to check out your mom’s latest bird of paradise addition. You’ll have your entire childhood memory ready to share as the whole family relives, laughs, cringes and cries. Just make sure to tell your dad to stock up on tissues and popcorn.

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