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How Modern Blockbusters are Made

By Shelby Burr

Blockbuster(noun): a thing of great power or size, in particular a movie, book, or other product that is a great commercial success.

Now that you know the definition, what are a couple of great blockbusters that are your favorites? When you think of it, a lot of your favorites were probably created 10, 20, 25+ years ago! 
So, how were those blockbusters created? Twenty-five years ago, those blockbuster movies were made the exact same way they are made today. Film, digital camera, editing, and maybe some CGI - those are some of the major components used to create our favorite blockbusters. Why has it not changed that much? Because the blockbusters back in the day are GREAT movies. 


The only difference between 25 years ago and present day is the release of the movie or production. Back then, everyone would attend the premiere of a new and exciting movie. Wait a month or so, and that movie is now available to rent at your local Blockbuster! What was a Blockbuster? Oh, just a magical place where one could go, pick a VHS tape or DVD of a movie they desired to watch, possibly some candy and they would rent that movie for an allotted amount of time. 

Today, viewing and renting movies are very different. Yes, although there are still premieres to watch your favorite movie, now we have the ability to watch the new release of a movie in the comfort of our own home. How? Take Disney+ for example. They didn’t release the new live action movie of “Lady and the Tramp,” via movie theater. They released it with their new streaming service. No more premieres! Everyone had the pleasure to watch it’s release in the comfort of their own home.

Additionally, because streaming services exists, you can watch the same movie over and over again without the anxiety stricken realization of, “I need to return my movie!” How? Movies are there to stay as long as you like! They might eventually leave your streaming service due to contracts, but you can rewatch your favorite shows and movies anytime! 

They way of watching your movies and shows have completely changed and I’m sure this is just the beginning! As movie rental stores have continued to fade, who knows what will be next. Either way, our technology is always advancing for a better experience. The one thing that will stay the same is how movies are created. Some traditions should stay the same because they have proven to work well! So, enjoy the movie experience and how your favorite films are created.

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