How to Fit Everything You Need in a Carry-On
How to Fit Everything You Need in a Carry-On
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How to Fit Everything You Need in a Carry-On

By Mollee Shannon

With summer adventures awaiting you, you’ve probably booked a flight to your favorite vacation spot! Carrying on is also a great way to minimize your time in the airport and begin enjoying your vacation more quickly! If you choose to pack everything in a carry-on, you can hit the ground running as soon as you arrive at your destination. You’ll be all set to head out, with no waiting on the conveyor belt at baggage claim!

If you’re like me, it’s always a struggle to reduce your packing list down to the essentials, but I’ve developed some tips and tricks for getting all my must-haves into a carry-on. 

Plan Ahead

Whether I’m traveling to Austin, Texas to catch a film festival or jetting off to NYC for a Broadway show, I always want to be prepared with the appropriate attire! Like many people, this usually leads to one major problem: overpacking! I always end up unpacking unworn clothes and wondering, “Why did I even bring this?” To avoid this, plan your outfits in advance. In addition to laying out your ensembles before packing, choose items that can be easily mix-matched. You can switch up your garments for a new look everyday without packing clothes that will go unworn, wasting that precious carry-on real estate. 

Finesse Your Folding Technique

To maximize your space in a carry-on, use different folds for different materials. A traditional fold is best for those wrinkle-prone items. For thicker materials, such as jeans and sweatshirts, roll to minimize the bulk! An even better trick is to wear those bulkier garments on your flight, packing the thinner materials in the suitcase. I opt for this technique when traveling, and while I’m not the most fashionable passenger on the plane, I make a much better use of the available space in my suitcase! 

Toiletry Tricks 

To minimize the number of containers you need to bring along, you may opt for multipurpose products. Two-in-one shampoo and conditioner is a great option if you’re not too particular about your hair care routine; however, if  like me, you are particular about your routine, you know that being able to find the products you love in a travel size container is not always possible or convenient. Purchase a set of empty travel size bottles to make your shampoo and conditioner travel friendly! Even tiny spray bottles for hairspray are available.  Most sets also come with small, travel-sized jars for men’s products, like pomade, so a gentleman never has to be without his Dapper Dan! 

Stuff Your Stuff 

Whether you’re preparing to jog the beaches at sunrise, hike mountain trails, or hit the pavement, packing the right shoes is a must! The problem? Shoes are bulky and take up the most space in your carry-on. My solution? Stuff your shoes with other shoes. Stack your flip flops inside your flats, or slide your flats into your high heels. Place your deck and boat shoes down into your hiking boots. You can also carry sandals in your purse, or even pack them in the flat pouch on the front of your suitcase! 


Bring a Larger Bag as Your Carry-On Item 

If you’ve employed all these techniques and there’s just not room in the suitcase, no worries! When carrying on, you’re allowed a suitcase and one personal item. That personal item can be a laptop bag, a purse, or even a larger item like a backpack or duffel bag. On trips when I just haven’t managed to squeeze everything I need into a carry-on, I pack the excess in a large bag that can be stowed under the seat in front of me. Choosing a larger bag will give you just enough extra space to get all of your favorite items to your destination with you! Just be sure that bag can be safely secured under the seat in front of you on the plane! 

Ready to Jet? 

Of course the best part of vacation is making all of those memories! You’ll want those photos and videos for years to come. You probably even have some favorite vacation photos from your childhood or years past! You can preserve those fond recollections for generations to come by digitizing your fun, and of course at Legacybox, that is our goal. You can savor the excitement and relaxation of making those warm memories, and leave the work to us by sending in your photos for digitizing to create a lasting record of all those times you almost had too much fun! 

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