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How to Use My DVDs

By Dillon Wallace

So, you’ve sorted through that dusty old box of family video tapes (and probably developed adult asthma while doing so), sent them in to get digitized and now you’ve got a shiny new DVD and/or thumb drive filled with all those memories ripe for your viewing pleasure.

But why just have a viewing party for one? Share the treasure trove of throwbacks like you would with a vintage bottle of wine – host a party! To be more specific, throw a watch party with friends and family. This way everyone can partake in laughing and crying at all the memories (and horrible fashion choices) that shaped your childhood! 

A watchparty for the ages

The best way to relive those charming childhood memories is to host a watch party with the DVDs and/or thumb drives you get back from Legacybox. Here are a few things to consider though before inviting people over for a stroll down memory lane:

  • Test your tech – it seems obvious, but make sure you’ve got the necessary media to play your DVD and/or thumb drive.
  • Tell the neighbors – if you’re expecting a good size group of people to come over, make sure to give the neighbors a heads up as to why there isn’t any street parking.
  • Feeding frenzy – the best way to satisfy your memory cravings is with some childhood snacks to complement the nostalgia. Cue the Gushers, Bagel/Pizza Bites, soda, Bomb Pops and s’mores.
  • Theme up – if you’re a 90s kid, then think about inviting your guests to dress for the decade. Bring on the scrunchies, obnoxiously oversized clothing, acid washed jeans and flannel.
  • Decorate the house – Make your party an extension of the decade the memories you plan on watching stem from. That means if you’re watching some 80s home videos … well, you get the point.

Share your memories

The single best thing about digitizing your memories – other than preserving them from fading away from existence – is the ability to conveniently share them at your whim. Downloading your memories from our DVD or thumb drive to your computer or phone lets you easily send your old photos, videos and audio to friends and family via email, text, social media  – you name it. So, if hosting a watch party isn’t feasible for certain out of town loved ones, you can at least digitally send them the nostalgic goods at your leisure. 

However you choose to enjoy your newly digitized memories is 100% up to you. So go relive the glory days your way and enjoy every second of the stroll down memory lane.

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